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Music censorship 2006-09-18
Do you think music should be not played on major stations because of negative connection to death...
Metallica VS Slipknot 2006-09-29
Metallica or Slipknot? Anyway im a metallica fan and slipknot seem to have no skill or talent in ...
The best band poll 2006-10-10
Music has been in this world for a long time. Now, its U who decides which is the best band ever ...
CD's 2006-10-11
How many CD's do you own?
Music In 2006 2006-10-17
Music In 06!
Guns n Roses vs Nirvana 2006-10-29
This is to find out what band is better
New Artist of 06' 2006-11-20
You Choose!!!
Best Avenged Sevenfold Song 2006-11-24
jfoiweahnhjbeoigjweabosed just do it...pick your favorite songs silly
Super Ultra Mega Artist Showdown:Round 2 2006-11-30
Second One!!!
Your Fave Music 2006-12-27
Back in Black vs. Appetite for Destruction 2006-12-27
Neither of these legendary albums need introduction so instead I'll just start like this by sayin...
Your Fave Music 2006-12-27
Which band is better? 2007-01-20
Somewhat long quiz on the better rock band
The BEST Iron Maiden Album 2007-02-24
A poll to find the BEST Iron Maiden album ever!
greatest song ever 3rd round 2007-03-06
Pick the song out of the two that deserves more to be the greatest song ever
Best T.I. song 2007-04-19
What is the best T.I. song ever?
Green Day vs. Red Hot Chili Peppers 2007-04-19
The title is self-explanatory, I do believe.
Best "The Joshua Tree" U2 Song 2007-04-29
Choose which song from the album "The Joshua Tree" by U2 you think is the best
Which of these Rock Bands is best? 2007-05-04
Out of all these rock bands from recent times which is the best?
My Chemical Romance - The Poll 2007-05-10
Hi! I am a BIG mcr fan if u r too this is the poll for u!
Best Black Metal Band? 2007-05-10
How do you like your coffee? Black, just the way I like my Metal.
Best Band 2007-05-10
Pick the best band ever
Orchestra Strings 2007-06-08
Orchestra Strings
best Punk rock band 2007-06-15
who do u prefer?
Best Radiohead Song/Album 2007-06-15
Trying to find out the most popular song and album by Radiohead