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The ULTIMATE greatest song poll(pt 1) 2006-07-17
finally, after a month of delays, this massive poll is ready. there are 400 songs in total, so i...
The ULTIMATE greatest song poll(pt 2) 2006-07-20
here's the next 200 songs...
What type of Tremolo system do you prefer? 2006-07-20
Do you like the Floyd Rose setup on guitars? Or, do you like the Wilkinson/Hipshot design? Hipsho...
Blink 182 vs. Green Day 2006-07-22
pick the better band
Best Rapper alive 2006-08-05
There have many arguments over who is the best living rapper and some polls dont have all contend...
Best Bands Out of these: 2006-08-09
Choose your favorite band out these:
Best Soulfly album 2006-08-11
Vote for the best!
[Who's The Pop Disaster?] Blink-182 Vs. Green Day 2006-08-15
Which band is more famous nad more accepted by music fans?
AC/DC: Powerage 2006-08-19
I am a huge AC/DC fan and I think that Powerage is one of their best albums with Bon Scott. Howev...
Greatest Guitarist of All Time 2006-08-21
The title should be self-explanitory.
THE BEST MUSIC VIDEO EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2006-08-21
Black Sabbath Extreme 2006-08-28
You Won't Regret Voting Here
Best Grunge Song of All-Time 2006-08-30
What is the best grunge song of all time
Band Vs. Band 2006-08-31
Which is the better band?
Favourite Style of rock 2006-09-08
Which is your favourite style of rock?
Favourite style of guitar playing 2006-09-17
What is your favourite guitar style?
Music and personality 2006-09-17
Does your music taste match your personality?
Music censorship 2006-09-18
Do you think music should be not played on major stations because of negative connection to death...
Metallica VS Slipknot 2006-09-29
Metallica or Slipknot? Anyway im a metallica fan and slipknot seem to have no skill or talent in ...
The best band poll 2006-10-10
Music has been in this world for a long time. Now, its U who decides which is the best band ever ...
CD's 2006-10-11
How many CD's do you own?
Music In 2006 2006-10-17
Music In 06!
Guns n Roses vs Nirvana 2006-10-29
This is to find out what band is better
New Artist of 06' 2006-11-20
You Choose!!!
Best Avenged Sevenfold Song 2006-11-24
jfoiweahnhjbeoigjweabosed just do it...pick your favorite songs silly