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What is the best pink floyd song? 2006-01-09
In your opinion what is the best pink floyd song ever.
Metal Maddness 2006-01-09
The Best Metal Band
Band names 2006-01-19
Choose a band name that you think sounds best
Greatest Hard Rock/Heavy Metal artist 2006-01-29
What is the best metal band of all time
Who is a better performer Prince or George Michael? 2006-02-12
The answer is in the qeustion.
Top 50 Greatest Hard Rock/ Metal Bands 2006-02-22
Over at 8notes.com, I'm putting together a list of the greatest artists of hard rock and metal. I...
Best Current British Rock/Indie Band 2006-02-22
Random Awards Poll 2006-03-13
This is a random poll just to see who's the best in Music.
Bruce Springsteen 2006-03-15
Vote for your favorite Bruce Springsten Album and Song.
rock music 2006-03-21
i just want to know what your favourite band is
National anthem world 2006-03-22
A poll about national anthems. Do you love them or hate them? Please take time to fill out this p...
Best Female Singer 2006-03-28
Who's the best female singer?
The Ultimate Classic Rock Song Poll Top 64 Pt.1. 2006-04-11
The top 64 have been decided and put in divisions by how they came in, vote for your favorites.
Best All-Time Songs from the big artists ROUND 2 2006-05-04
Yes, there are heaps of good songs from different singers and bands, but its time to settle the q...
Metal Vs rock 2006-05-08
Which do you think is better?
Best Rock Bands 2006-05-11
Vote for the best rock band ever
this band or that band 2006-05-15
these are bands that are pretty close in style and talent
Classical Music 2006-05-26
Just another poll
100 Greatest Artists Of Hard Rock 2006-06-05
Questions about VH1's list of the 100 best
Led Zeppelin VS The Beatles 2006-06-12
Who really is the best band in history?
Biggie Or Eminem? 2006-06-16
Who do you think is a better rapper?
best music on earth!!!!!! 2006-06-17
would like 2 know what u think of which music, PLACEBO and REDHOTCHILLIPEPPERS RUUUUULE!!!
Heaviest Band 2006-06-17
Who's the heaviest band?
Iron Maiden Poll 2006-06-21
Polls about members, past members, songs and albums.
Better Lead Singer 2006-06-27
Grunge and Classic Rock