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Does Music Soothe Your Soul? 2004-04-19
A few questions about how and when people listen to music.
Who is the better rapper 2pac or Eminem? 2004-04-26
Who do you think is greater?
Band Names 2004-05-03
Choose which band name you think is the best!
What is Your Favorite Pink Floyd Album? 2004-05-06
Pink Floyd is easily one of the greatest and most ingenious bands of all time. Reinventing thems...
music 2004-05-09
Hey, we made this poll to see which songs/artists you like the best since the american top 40 som...
who is more famous, led zeppelin or britney spears
~+~Music~+~ 2004-05-24
This poll asks your opinion about music, music artists, censoring music, etc.
Ulitmate Music poll 2004-05-24
What kind of music do you like? Are you a music discriminator? Is the music played what you rea...
What's your favorite Beatles song? 2004-06-03
I am conducting this poll in order to see some of the Beatles favorites. In the end I hope to rat...
What type of music are these artists/Bands 4 2004-06-14
Iron Maiden studio albums 2004-07-10
Who is the fastest rapper of all time 2004-07-19
Who is the fastest rapper of all time?
Tupac vs Rakim 2004-07-20
Whos the best MC
Josh Groban fans - How old are you? 2004-08-06
<FONT FACE="arial" SIZE="3" COLOR="#990000"> <p>Josh Gr...
Battle of the Bands Contest Round 2 2004-08-12
Whos Music Do You Like More?
I need your opinion!! 2004-08-13
This is a very simple poll. I need this for an english paper. Please help!
Metallica vs. U2 2004-09-01
These two bands that have started in the 80s yet seem to be going strong over two decades after. ...
Battle Of the Duets : Battle One 2004-09-20
Ever seen two artists that is famous and both of 'em is really talented and sexy?? as they gotta ...
Slipknot vs System of a Down 2004-09-25
Vote slipknot or system
The Death of Kurt Cobain 2004-10-11
The death of Kurt Cobain still remains mysterious. Who do you think killed him?
Who, out of these options, is your favourite music band? 2004-10-12
This poll is quick and easy and just for fun!!!
the ultimate black sabbath poll 2004-10-21
THE MUSIC SCENE 2004-10-23
This is a poll to determine what's hot and what's not in music right now. From Best Female, to Be...
Best song from Green Day's American Idiot? 2004-10-26
What is your favorite song from Green Day's latest album, "American Idiot"?
BEST ALBUM - From Each Of The Last 10 Years 2004-10-29
Sure, it's multiple choice, so with the inherent limits, please feel free to cast your vote for ...