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The greatest Band/Group Ever!! 2003-05-30
Choose the best band/group in the history of music! period
Battle#8 2003-06-05
Musical tastes 2003-06-10
A poll to find out what people really like to listen to, and why (and why they might not like a c...
Led Zeppelin vs. Metallica! 2003-06-15
This poll is to determine (extensively) which band is better between two great hard-rock groups, ...
Is Jennifer Lopez's butt big? 2003-06-15
Is Jennifer Lopez's butt big?
Most incredible singers in the world 2003-06-29
These are the most powerful voices I have ever heard.
The best rappers in the game 2003-07-08
my poll is mainly based on the newest rappers in da game.
Best Hip-Hop Artist 2003-07-16
This is about serious hip-hop. Nelly may have some good music, but it is not hip-hop, it is pop. ...
50 or m 2003-08-02
this poll is about the best hip hop artists.
How Do You Feel About Band Camp? 2003-08-02
It is about the feelings of parents/members of the band and their opinion on upcoming Band Camp
Who is more talented? 2003-08-22
Who do you think has more talent out of these two country trios? The instrumental group or the al...
Is Nirvana Overrated? 2003-08-26
Alot of people think that Nirvana was one of the most important rock bands of all time. Personall...
Vote for the Best Rock and Roll band 2003-09-01
Vote for who you think is the best band ever (let me know who i missed)
MUSIC 2003-09-02
This is a poll of music if you are interested come and take the survey
What is the best love song? 2003-09-18
What is the best love song?
CHRISTINA .vs. BRITNEY 2003-09-23
WHOs Really the Best
Which Band/singer do you Absolutley Hate? 2003-10-09
I decided to try something different
What music genre do you like most? 2003-10-19
Tell us what music genre do you like most and let people know...
best 80's rock singer 2003-10-19
pick one
MY SONG POLL 2003-12-05
take it!
Greatest rock guitarist of all time! 2003-12-08
Who is the greatest guitarist of all time in your view?
Cigarette smoking in bands 2003-12-08
This poll is to gather public opinions on bands who smoke on/or off stage.
Outkast 2003-12-09
Outkast music group
The Beatles 2003-12-16
How great were they?
Greatest living rapper 2004-01-09
So who is the greatest living rapper after the untimely death of pac and biggie?