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Best Singer 2002-06-05
Which of these talented singers are the best???
Favorite Alice Cooper album 2002-06-18
Alice Cooper is one of the most underrated performers in the history of rock. He is noted for his...
Best Rock drummer of all time 2002-08-19
Who is the best rock drummer of all time?
Weird Music 2002-09-04
What's your favorite weird musical artist?
Best Classic Rock Songs 2002-09-16
There's too many to put down, but these nobody can argue with, choose the best
Christina Aguilera or Justin Timberlake 2002-10-23
Both have albums coming out soon. Who do you think will have more success?
Coolest looking guitar? 2002-11-22
Just like Eddie Van Halen.
Top Rock Songs of 2002 2002-11-25
Which rock songs of 2002 are the best?
Mariah Carey 2002-12-16
A Poll about Mariah Carey!
Favourite Style of Music 2002-12-16
Whats your favourite style of music is it rock,rap,pop u decide and vote on my poll this will det...
music 2003-01-13
do you like music! If you do, take this fun quiz about nusic!
60's British Invasion Poll 2003-01-28
Vote for your favourite band from the 1960's British Invasion.
choose your favorite country singer of all time.
Who's the best rapper in the world? 2003-03-04
There has to be definitive star.
Hard rock/heavy metal poll 2003-03-19
Pick wich ones you like best
Kirk Hammett VS Slash 2003-03-20
This is a poll to see whos a better guitarist out of these to Heavy Metal Monsters.
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony 2003-03-20
This is a question about Bone.
Rock Vs. Rap 2003-03-25
I wonder what people think of rock vs. rap.
Da rap pole! 2003-04-24
awite, dis iz a pole 2 c wot u bad gangsta mofo's fink of da rap muzic.
Old ROCK vs New ROCK 2003-04-24
for all you rock fans out there we ask the question- is rock better,worse or the same as it used...
BEST FORM OF ROCK 2003-05-01
This is to determin which style of rock or brother of rock is the best
Hip Hop~Pop Artists 2003-05-06
Who's the best?!?
The greatest Band/Group Ever!! 2003-05-30
Choose the best band/group in the history of music! period
Battle#8 2003-06-05
Musical tastes 2003-06-10
A poll to find out what people really like to listen to, and why (and why they might not like a c...