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Guns N' Roses favorite album and song 2005-03-18
Vote for the best album and song by Guns N' Roses.
Do you like country music? 2005-06-01
Rate how much you like, or dislike country music.
Deftones vs. Linkin Park 2005-07-20
Best CLASSIC ROCK Band 2005-08-10
vote for your favorite classic rock band... be sure to vote for your favorite punk band in the ne...
Who Is Better Prince? Or Michael Jackson? 2005-08-14
They both ruled in the 80's, theyre both creepy looking. And their 40 somethings now, with kids. ...
THE OLD VS. THE NEW 2005-08-17
This is a faceoff between new music and old. Round 2 will have more bands and the winners of this...
Favorite METALLICA Song From Each Album 2005-09-09
Choose your favorite song from each Metallica album.
music 2005-10-05
whats your kind of music
THE ULTIMATE IRON MAIDEN POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-10-17
Iron Maiden kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greatest Band of All-Time 2005-12-20
Who is the greatest band of all-time? According to you?
Best Metallica Song 2006-01-03
I want to know your favorite Metallica song, and if you don't like Metallica, screw you, I don't ...
What kind of classical music do you like? 2006-02-02
Hi there! Just wondering, what are your opinions on classical styles as well as individual compos...
Rush vs. U2 2006-02-13
Who is better?
Cradle Of Filth Vs. Children Of Bodom 2006-05-17
who is better
The Ultimate Gorillaz Poll 2006-07-12
This Poll Is About Everything Gorillaz
Green Day or Red Hot Chili Peppers? 2006-08-10
Who do you like better?
Beatles vs Cream vs Stones vs Led Zeppelin vs Metallica 2006-08-10
This poll must be answered truthfully.
the biggest favorite artist poll you've ever seen 2006-08-19
pick your favorite artists from this HUGE list
Greatest song ever!!! 2006-11-23
Pick the best song ever out of the two songs and eventually it will narrow down to the best song ...
Musicians 2007-01-01
I would like to know through polling what the most popular instrument is for teens.
Best Bands ever 2007-01-20
Answer the questions about which band is the best in the question, then there'll be a final round...
rock artists FACE OFF(round 2) 2007-01-20
a couple of surprises came in round 1: Korn defeated Fleetwood Mac, Soundgarden defeated U2... a...
Who's the best band ever? 2007-05-08
Chose the band that you think is the best
Best Alice Cooper album 2007-07-23
Battle of the Bands in the 20th century 2007-08-04
this is to see who was the best muscian in the past