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Led Zeppelin Poll 2004-10-04
A poll on one of the greatest rock bands of all time.
Best Pink Floyd Album 2004-11-13
Best Pink Floyd Album
UK Music Hall Of Fame-What The World Thinks 2004-11-21
Just recently us here in the UK decided to make the first hall of fame for our country. We alread...
Whos Better Metallica or Green Day??? 2004-11-22
Whos music is better? Green Day or Metallica?
Who is the greatest band from each decade since the 1960's? Get as many people to vote for your b...
Rap music sucks! 2004-11-25
I hate rap music it all sounds the same!!
Greatest Rock Band, Round 2 2004-12-08
In round 1 many great bands falled: iron maiden, red hot chile peppers, the clash is some of them...
Michael Jackson: Innocent? 2004-12-08
Scheduled for trial in January 2005 for molesting a minor, Michael Jackson has endured untold amo...
Slipknot vs. Slayer 2004-12-15
People kept emailing me after i wrote a review on a Slipknot album dissareeing with some bastard ...
Manowar favorite album and song 2005-01-13
Vote for best album and song by Manowar.
Young Female Musicians 2005-01-18
Six diverse musicians in their 20's. How would you rate them?
The Beck Fan Poll 2005-02-04
Questions designed to what people like or dislike in Beck Hansen's music.
BEST BANDS of the 90s 2005-02-21
What are your five favourite 90s bands?
Guns N' Roses favorite album and song 2005-03-18
Vote for the best album and song by Guns N' Roses.
Do you like country music? 2005-06-01
Rate how much you like, or dislike country music.
Deftones vs. Linkin Park 2005-07-20
Who Is Better Prince? Or Michael Jackson? 2005-08-14
They both ruled in the 80's, theyre both creepy looking. And their 40 somethings now, with kids. ...
Favorite METALLICA Song From Each Album 2005-09-09
Choose your favorite song from each Metallica album.
music 2005-10-05
whats your kind of music
THE ULTIMATE IRON MAIDEN POLL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-10-17
Iron Maiden kicks ass!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Greatest Band of All-Time 2005-12-20
Who is the greatest band of all-time? According to you?
Best Metallica Song 2006-01-03
I want to know your favorite Metallica song, and if you don't like Metallica, screw you, I don't ...
What kind of classical music do you like? 2006-02-02
Hi there! Just wondering, what are your opinions on classical styles as well as individual compos...
Rush vs. U2 2006-02-13
Who is better?
Cradle Of Filth Vs. Children Of Bodom 2006-05-17
who is better