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We all know of the glam rock of the 70s and 80s. The tigh pants, the makeup, and of course the hair.
Journey vs. Def Leppard. Who is better? 2006-04-11
A friend at work said that he feels Def Leppard is a better rock band than Journey. I wholeheart...
Female Singers Poll 2006-05-26
Female Singers Poll
Who Is The Best? 2006-12-24
this is a poll to see who is the best singer/group
Deftones vs. Mudvayne 2007-02-08
I was curious about which the more popular band was of these two.
Death Row Records vs. Bad Boy Entertainment 2007-02-11
Death Row Records vs. Bad Boy Entertainment
For Marching Band Freaks!!! 2007-02-21
Hey everyone! This ia a poll all about marching band!
~ The Greatest Rock Band - 20th Century ~ 2007-03-13
We all know Metallica, Megadeth, Guns n'Roses and and a whole lot of Rock musicians today. But th...
~ The Complete Pink Floyd Poll ~ 2007-03-17
This poll is for those of us who understand that Pink Floyd is not merely a legendary Rock Band b...
Chris Cornell VS. Scott Weiland 2007-06-15
Both these dudes have fronted great grunge bands (Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots) and now front...
Greatest Rock Bands/Rock Artists of all Time 2007-07-20
Round 1 Best of 60's, 70s, 80's, 90's Don't Vote if your not familier with both
Greatest Rock Band/Rock Artists of all Time Round 2 2007-08-13
Greatest Rock Band/Rock Artists of all Time Round 2
Boston Vs. Foreigner ( Classic Rock) 2007-12-06
Classic Rock Showdown
Favorite music? 2007-12-11
This is a kick ass poll on everyones favorite music/bands.
Violin strings survey 2008-05-12
Short survey - your preference of strings.
Which classic rock song is better 2008-07-17
Which classic rock song is better
Create your own band 2009-02-10
Create your own band
Hip Hop poll 2009-09-26
The ultimate hip hop poll
Best Band Of All Time 2010-05-10
Best Band Of All Time, Favorite Bands Of All Time
The Ultimate Rap Music Poll! 2010-11-23
Who do you think is the hottest rapper right now? Kinds of rap you listen to? Compare your result...
Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd? 2011-06-22
Both are agreeably the greatest bands ever made, with Pink Floyds album, 'Dark Side of the Moon' ...
Best Bad Religion album? 2011-12-16
Favorite Bad Religion album.
Boyband One Direction 2012-01-12
Some questions about One Direction.
Beatles 2012-01-25
Everything about beatles
The Beatles(white album) 2012-02-01
A general Poll about the 10th beatles studio album white album