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Best METAL Band 2005-08-10
vote for your your favorite metal band... be sure to vote for the best classic rock band in the n...
who has the best voice? 2008-02-06
tell who you think is the best vocalist
Led Zeppelin vs. Metallica! 2003-06-15
This poll is to determine (extensively) which band is better between two great hard-rock groups, ...
The GlobalProgressive Rock Top 100 of 2009 2009-11-04 (closed)
*****UPDATE****** We have new additions within the letter range of this poll down below in alphab...
best power ballad 2005-08-08
greatet heart melting hard rock ballad
Slipnot vs Mudvayne 2005-05-31
bla bla bla
Hey Everyone! Let's pick out the best name for Lacey Schwimmer's Fan Club :D
Pink Floyd vs. Led Zepplin 2007-05-18
Okay, the two of the best bands of all time, but the real question is, who's the best of the best.
Who Is The Greatest Rapper Ever? 2002-12-24
Who Is The Greatest Rapper Ever?
Black Metal; Emperor Poll 2005-10-14
Emperor Poll
Who is the fastest rapper of all time 2004-07-19
Who is the fastest rapper of all time?
Oasis vs. Radiohead 2007-10-07
Which band do you like better?
Whats the best Lil Jon Song? 2005-03-18
Whats the best Lil Jon Song?
Best Police Song EVER? 2005-09-06
I really like the band The Police and I wanted to see what song other fans thought was their best.
Metallica 80's & Metallica 90's 2002-12-03
When was Metallica better the 80's or the 90's
Best current rock band 2001-11-29
This is a poll to see what different rock bands that have recently appeared are the best acording...
Punk/ metal bands 2006-01-24
Best Punk/Metal bands
who is the hottest artist in the middle east? 2008-10-01 (closed)
vote to the most hottetst artist
Best Singer Of All Time 2009-05-14
Best Singer Of All Time
Post blink-182: Angels and Airwaves vs Plus 44 2006-03-02
Which band will reign as better than the other?
ROCK vs Rap vs pop 2003-05-01
the three main types of music
Marilyn Manson, love or hate? 2001-11-12
This is simply a poll of who like and dislikes Marilyn Manson and to what extent it goes.
Greatest Song of All-Time (Round 1) 2007-10-29
The top 32 songs of all-time according to a reliable source, in a 5 round winner takes all
Best Rock Music Poll Ever 2002-06-24
This is a poll about ROCK music because ROCK music is the BEST music.
MetallicA VS. Megadeth 2006-04-13
There are a few song similarities, but which song is the best?