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Greatest Beatles Song Ever 2005-11-01
This is a poll to determine the top 16 seeds for the "Greatest Beatles Song Ever" poll
Blink 182 vs Sum 41 vs green day vs simple plan 2007-02-17
who is the best?
Favorite METALLICA Song From Each Album 2005-09-09
Choose your favorite song from each Metallica album.
Kirk Hammett VS Slash 2003-03-20
This is a poll to see whos a better guitarist out of these to Heavy Metal Monsters.
Reading Festival Headliners 2009 2008-07-26
Who do you THINK will be the 2009 headliners at Reading Festival
What is your favorite 80's Christian Rock Band? 2004-03-23
Think about the 1980's Christian hard rock bands. Of these choices, what are your favorite THREE...
Best Current British Rock/Indie Band 2006-02-22
Who else should Perform at Summerjam2015 2015-03-03
This is the 2nd Poll Of Artist For Summerjam 2k15
MosT InfluentiaL BandS EveR 2005-06-09
This is not a favorites poll. Vote for the most INFLUENTIAL band.
Black Sabbath vs Metallica 2009-01-05
The two greatest metal bands, you decide which is greater!
Best Ska Band 2003-06-10
ska is getting more and more popular in my school...
The best song of metallica 2006-01-16
What's the best song of metallica
Jay-z vs Eminem 2005-09-23
100 Greatest Artists Of Hard Rock 2006-06-05
Questions about VH1's list of the 100 best
Best of Godsmack 2002-05-28
Well the title makes the poll
Ride The Lightning vs Number of the Beast 2008-06-02
In my opinion, the best albums from the 2 best heavy/thrash(in Metallica's case) metal bands of a...
Pink Floyd vs Led Zeppelin 2007-03-12
Which one of these Classic Rock Bands are the better of the two? In terms of talents/music quali...
John Lennon vs Freddie Mercury 2008-03-03
Two of the most influencial singers of the 20th century. They were part of legendary bands - Lenn...
Metallica vs. U2 2004-09-01
These two bands that have started in the 80s yet seem to be going strong over two decades after. ...
Greatest drummer of all time? 2003-01-11
Who do you think is the greatest drummer of all time?
Iron Maiden vs. Megadeth 2006-07-10
Iron Maiden vs. Megadeth
Best U2 song 2005-05-03
These are my top 15 U2 songs in decreasing order, pick the best.
Which is the best Radiohead CD? 2004-09-10
Tell me which Radiohead CD you like best out of the ones listed.
Pearl Jam favorite album and song 2005-03-02
Vote for the best album and song by Pearl Jam.
Britney Spears VS. Christina Aguilera 2004-02-23
Who is better? Who is hotter? Who has better songs? albums? and etc.....