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Best clip (not song) 2008-11-21
Vote for your best clip as a clip and not a song!
Michael Jackson vs. Prince vs. Lionel Richie 2007-11-13
The 3 Best pop artists of the 80's, and one's case, of all time (Michael).
Clapton v.s Page 2004-02-18
This is a poll that i have devised to see who people prefer over these 2 legends of the guitar
Best Band(s) In The World 2008-07-22
Vote for the BEST BAND(S) that you think is better than the others
who is the best candidate in star academy 7? 2010-06-07 (closed)
who is the best candidate in star academy 7?
Favorite guitars- Gibson vs. Fender 2005-08-17
This poll is basically summed up in the title, but theres some other stuff too
Who is the best rapper right now? 2008-02-05
Who is the best rapper right now?
Dire Straits favorite album and song 2005-01-13
Vote for the best album and song by Dire Straits.
Concert Ideas 2010-04-24
To poll Purdue University students on what shows they would like to have come to play at Purdue.
The bands below are bands that rocked the 60's 70's and 80's. Choose the three that you beleieve ...
Golden Carrot Awards 2012-08-08 (closed)
Golden Carrot Awards
Best Soulfly album 2006-08-11
Vote for the best!
I'd like an idea of numbers so I can definitely be at each city...so let me know! If you have fri...
Metallica Vs Tool 2002-08-26
vote on who you think is the better of the two
best 2pac song 2003-08-22
What 2pac song do u think is the best of all time?
Linkin Park best song contest 2004-02-03
Just courious on which song is the best between hybrid theory,Meteora, and Reanimator
Greatest Rock'n Roll voice of all time 2004-09-28
Here are my favorite rock'n roll singers of all time. Vote for who you pick as the best.
nominations for the 2014 real talk magazine gulf coast awards show 2014-05-07
Nominations for the 6th annual real talk magazine awards show taking place in end of 2014 exact ...
Best nirvana song? 2002-01-21
I think nirvana are the best band ever. i want to know which is the best nirvana song because me ...
BMF RECAP 2012 !!!! 2012-12-04 (closed)
2013 is coming faster and 2012 is almost over, so it's time to make a recap of this past year in ...
Best Punk Music of 2000-2005 2005-03-23
Were looking for the best Punk music of 2000-2005. Vote and give us a hand
Best Rock drummer of all time 2002-08-19
Who is the best rock drummer of all time?
Who is the biggest rock star? 2002-05-06
In the last 100 years there have been many big names in music. Who is the greatest, biggest star ...
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas? 2004-09-23
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas?
Linkin Park vs. Iron Maiden 2005-05-31
This poll is comparing LInkin Park to Iron Maiden