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Best clip (not song) 2008-11-21
Vote for your best clip as a clip and not a song!
Michael Jackson vs. Prince vs. Lionel Richie 2007-11-13
The 3 Best pop artists of the 80's, and one's case, of all time (Michael).
Clapton v.s Page 2004-02-18
This is a poll that i have devised to see who people prefer over these 2 legends of the guitar
Best Band(s) In The World 2008-07-22
Vote for the BEST BAND(S) that you think is better than the others
who is the best candidate in star academy 7? 2010-06-07 (closed)
who is the best candidate in star academy 7?
Favorite guitars- Gibson vs. Fender 2005-08-17
This poll is basically summed up in the title, but theres some other stuff too
Who is the best rapper right now? 2008-02-05
Who is the best rapper right now?
Concert Ideas 2010-04-24
To poll Purdue University students on what shows they would like to have come to play at Purdue.
Dire Straits favorite album and song 2005-01-13
Vote for the best album and song by Dire Straits.
Golden Carrot Awards 2012-08-08 (closed)
Golden Carrot Awards
The bands below are bands that rocked the 60's 70's and 80's. Choose the three that you beleieve ...
Best Soulfly album 2006-08-11
Vote for the best!
I'd like an idea of numbers so I can definitely be at each city...so let me know! If you have fri...
Metallica Vs Tool 2002-08-26
vote on who you think is the better of the two
best 2pac song 2003-08-22
What 2pac song do u think is the best of all time?
Linkin Park best song contest 2004-02-03
Just courious on which song is the best between hybrid theory,Meteora, and Reanimator
Greatest Rock'n Roll voice of all time 2004-09-28
Here are my favorite rock'n roll singers of all time. Vote for who you pick as the best.
nominations for the 2014 real talk magazine gulf coast awards show 2014-05-07
Nominations for the 6th annual real talk magazine awards show taking place in end of 2014 exact ...
Best nirvana song? 2002-01-21
I think nirvana are the best band ever. i want to know which is the best nirvana song because me ...
BMF RECAP 2012 !!!! 2012-12-04 (closed)
2013 is coming faster and 2012 is almost over, so it's time to make a recap of this past year in ...
Best Punk Music of 2000-2005 2005-03-23
Were looking for the best Punk music of 2000-2005. Vote and give us a hand
Best Rock drummer of all time 2002-08-19
Who is the best rock drummer of all time?
Who is the biggest rock star? 2002-05-06
In the last 100 years there have been many big names in music. Who is the greatest, biggest star ...
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas? 2004-09-23
Who is better Jay-Z or Nas?
Linkin Park vs. Iron Maiden 2005-05-31
This poll is comparing LInkin Park to Iron Maiden