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World's Best Rock and Metal Bands poll 2009-08-11
World's Best Rock and Metal Bands poll
Band Vs. Band 2006-08-31
Which is the better band?
INXS VS. U2 2007-06-18
Both these 2 bands reigned supreme in the 80's, Easily beating out all the lame hairbands. Each h...
10 best Metal albums ever 2007-06-25
The following albums are the results of countless polls of metalheads around the globe voting the...
Ultimate Seether Quiz!!!! 2008-04-04
Ultimate Seether Quiz!!!!
Top 5 Bands 2008-07-22 (closed)
Top 5 Bands
Metal or Rap 2008-08-30
a poll telling who likes what music
Greatest Rock Band 2008-09-01 (closed)
Waht you think the greatest rock band is
megadeth and metallica 2009-04-18
Your opinion on music genres 2009-12-12
Your opinion on music genres
Britney Spears vs. Lady Gaga 2011-05-28
The poll of two of the music icons.
Is Commercialism Killing Music? 2002-09-10
Just some general questions about the state of today's music and music industry...
The Ultimate Classic Rock Song Poll!! 2006-03-30
This poll's format will be just like the NCAA tournament.The top 64 will move on to a tournament ...
John Lennon VS Paul McCartney 2010-09-27 (closed)
John Lennon VS Paul McCartney
World's Biggest Korn Poll! 2003-12-20
Korn is one of the best rising bands ever...If you disagree, don't take this poll.
Billy Martin - Good Charlotte 2004-08-02
Alot of people take the micky out of Billy because he's skinney they always say stuff like "...
Nine Inch Nails: Favorites 2004-08-12
Im trying to figure out what things from nin that people like the best.
Who was the greatest hip hop lyricist of all time? 2005-02-18
Who was the illest rhymer there ever was?
Alice in Chains: Facelift Vs. Dirt 2005-12-21
This poll is about Alice in Chains' first two albums; Facelift and Dirt
Pearl Jam rules - nirvana sucks 2006-04-11
Nirvana is crap compared to Pearl Jam & Pearl Jam are musical legends who are 100x better tha...
Who is the Best Guitarist? 2008-01-05
Who is the Best Guitarist?
Guitar owners poll 2002-02-06
Which guitar company and what type of guitar is the best? That's the question I've always wanted ...
Best Music Video Of All Time 2004-03-09
Vote for the best music video of all time
Tupac vs. Biggy 2005-06-20
Tupac and Biggy were once great friends but they're envy of each other's fame caused their friend...
Who Is Better Prince? Or Michael Jackson? 2005-08-14
They both ruled in the 80's, theyre both creepy looking. And their 40 somethings now, with kids. ...