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MUSIC LEGENDS 2013-10-28
Vote for the best legendary musicians & singers, in each category.
THE BEST GUITARS! 2003-05-19
This poll is to determine what people think is the best brand of solid-body electric guitar in th...
The Beatles Vs. Metallica 2006-04-13
who is better
~ The Complete Pink Floyd Poll ~ 2007-03-17
This poll is for those of us who understand that Pink Floyd is not merely a legendary Rock Band b...
1 vs. 1 Classic Rock 2007-12-06
A poll about classic rock
Pink, Lady Gaga, or Beyonce? 2009-08-24
You choose: Lady Gaga, Pink, or Beyonce?
vote for the best rapper of all time
The best of Metallica 2011-09-27
Thirty years of Metallica in this year, can you believe it? I prepared a list of their songs whic...
Richard and Mimi Farina 2002-10-20
A poll for fans of Mimi and Richard Farina, the great folk-rock duo.
most underrated rapper 2003-07-15
who is the most underrated rapper of all time... let ur voice be heard now
best music artist ever 2008-01-02 (closed)
whos the best music artist in these match ups?
What genres do you listen to? 2007-07-03
I notice alot of people are like glued to one genre but I wanna see how many people are diverse a...
Thrash Metal Poll 2007-10-21
You like thrash...? You've come to the right place!
Avril Lavigne VS Hayley Williams 2009-04-28
these are both totally awsome girls, and i want to know who you all think is best. its avril in m...
Yesterday vs imagine vs something 2010-12-24
The most awarded and famous song from each beatle(paul,john,george).What is your favorite?
which band is better? 2012-07-18
Pick your favourite bands
Greatest Rock Guitarist of All Time 2005-10-19
Throughout the years many have given their opinion on the greatest guitarist alive. Now decide ov...
Favorite music? 2007-12-11
This is a kick ass poll on everyones favorite music/bands.
led zeppelin overrated 2008-05-16
led zeppelin overrated
Best Rapper Of All Time 2008-06-07
From the West to the East, & Dirty south
Elvis V.S. the Beatles 2008-06-16
who do you think is better take your pick!
Pink Floyd v.s Led Zeppelin 2011-09-14
Two great bands...your choice...
KoRn Vs Slipknot 2009-08-31 (closed)
Which One Of These Two Nu Metal Legends Are The Best
Disco: Rehash or Revival? 2010-01-14 (closed)
Love it or hate it, when it comes to disco everybody has an opinion. Whether you think it's somet...
Favorite Sexy Singer? 2011-11-16 (closed)
Vote for your fav. singer