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R.Kelly 2006-11-15
R.Kelly's TP2.com(2000) is one of my favourtie album's ever.Just wanted to know what ya'll fave s...
Outland's coolest duet song 2006-12-21
Outland's latest album contains 5 duets with artists are known in DK & outside like Sami Yusu...
Best GPI song so far? 2007-04-19
Pick your favourite GPI song out of everything you've heard
What is the Best song of Skewer ? 2007-04-19
Comments welcome.
Dis is why he's HOTT!! 2007-05-02
Listen to each artist & vote for your favorite...
Best Jamie T Song 2007-06-15
Trying to find the most popular Jamie T song in Panic Prevention
Ontario Rock Polls 2007-08-20
This Poll is about what bands on our website do you like the best.
Band Directors 2008-07-23 (closed)
Band Directors
8/18/08 2008-08-05 (closed)
Vote for your favorites for the 1st show of Fall 08
HOOBASTANK 2008-09-09 (closed)
Musicians Survey 2008-09-25 (closed)
For musicians! Thanks guys!
Best Singer 2008-10-10
Best Singer
metal/rock/punk or rap/hip-hop 2008-11-07
Whats your taste in music?
Chiptune artists for party in Belgium 2009-01-18 (closed)
We're putting together the line up for a chiptune party in Hasselt (3500 Belgium) and need your h...
what artist would you like to see more of? 2009-01-19 (closed)
so what artist would you like to see more of?
Eurovision 2009 - Romania 2009-02-04 (closed)
Eurovision 2009 - Romania
Eurovision 2009 - Denmark 2009-02-04 (closed)
Eurovision 2009 - Denmark
2008 2009-02-13 (closed)
Lagu Favorit lu Tahun lalu 2008
Ty Cohen - Which Ty Cohen Product Do You Get the Best Results From? 2009-02-13
Ty Cohen - Which Ty Cohen Product Do You Get the Best Results From?
Drum Corps 2009-03-28 (closed)
Drum Corps
Totally biased pop/rock poll, Round 2, Groups G & H 2009-03-28 (closed)
I've chosen 128 songs from my CD collection for your consideration. I won't vote in the polls but...
Who Is Better Blink 182 Or The Jonas Brothers? 2009-06-05
Depending On Talent, Writing Skills Stage Performance And All Over Betterness!
What is your favorite Russoul song? 2010-02-10
What is your favorite Russoul song?
Which Top 10 Spotlight Artist Track You Would Like More Airplay 2010-03-09 (closed)
The top ten Spotlight Artist Poll helps us to compile the independent artist chart and analyse th...
Song of the day 2010-05-02 (closed)
Song of the day