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Billy Martin or Benji Madden? 2005-02-24
I want to know which GC guitarist is better.
The Justin Timberlake Poll 2005-03-01
this is jus ur opinion bout his best song on his album, best single, w/ n'sync or not, otha stuff.
All Things Relient K 2005-03-02
This poll is all about the band Relient K...enjoi!
Song I prefer 2005-03-16
its about a song you prefer when your heart broken
)()()(Good Charlotte)()()( 2005-03-17
David Horvath is a Sexy Guitarist 2005-03-22
This poll is about if you think guitarists in a band (particullary David Horvath are sexy.
Hilary Duff :: Metamorphosis 2005-04-18
This is a poll about Hilary´s CD.
Music 2005-04-29
What kind of music are you into today? What would you do if there was no music in the world? I wa...
What version of "Barbershop"? 2005-06-16
The New Hip Hop Sensation Urban Core is currently producing a single to take over the radio and m...
BASS WAH PEDAL: Dunlop or Morley? 2005-08-11
The battle has been goin' on for a while now. Which wah pedal is better, Dunlop or Morley? This i...
the hottest song 2005-08-17
chose one
Version of Alone 2005-08-28
Who's version of Alone was better? Carrie or Melissa?
New Single 2005-11-19
Choose Young Thug's New Single
Fav Vai alum 2006-01-03
what is ur favourite vai album?
Which Kat-Tun singer sing's the best? 2006-03-02
It's about Kat-Tun.
Who Will go home next Week 03/22/06 2006-03-07
American Idol votes... Who will go home?
Haste the Day 2006-03-07
a poll about the band
What Emergency Exit song to put on the compilation album? 2006-03-22
Emergency Exit has been asked to provide a song for the ska compilation album "Ska for the C...
melissa o'neil 2006-04-26
i hope u enjoy this poll about melissa o'neil.
Which Stadium Arcadium cd do you prefer? 2006-07-25
I would like to know which record of SA do you prefer!?
Skyclad Poll 2006-07-29
A basic Skyclad poll
BEST "The Open Door" SONG 2006-10-07
Which song should be titled as the best???
Slipknot Vs. Razorlight (From a Personal Point of View) 2006-10-28
After a small debate about who is better, I decided to put this poll on here to find out whether ...
Best Rapper Of KOC 2006-10-28
tell us yo opioin
Help us decide what songs suck the least! 2006-11-03
What songs should we keep playing live off of "Beneath The Arena.."? (choose a couple)