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Rate Kylie's Body Language album 2003-11-24
Rate each of the songs off the album.
Kazaa? Yes or no 2003-11-24
Do you thin Kazaa should be shut down? I do.
Favorite FIF song 2003-11-27
what is your fav FIF of all time?
American Juniors 2003-11-28
Vote on this poll now to see which of your American Juniors is the favorite out of many other peo...
Music@U 2004-02-03
The Place 4 Music
What Do You Think Of Punk Statik? 2004-02-03
Orgy have a new album out called Punk Statik, What do you think of it?
Greatest Bands around the World 2004-03-24
*Who do you think are the greatest bands?*
Kelly Clarkson 2004-03-30
What are your favorite things about the ORIGINAL idol?!
Tears For Fears New Single 2004-04-13
What do you think of their new single "Closest Thing to Heaven"? (Only vote if you have...
Exodus 2004-04-18
This poll is about the songs on the new Plus One album Exodus.
Taking Back Sunday lyrics 2004-04-28
Which of this set of lyrics should I use for my next DIY project?
METALLICA ride the lighting 2004-05-24
heres a poll to see ur views on this album
What is your favourite song by Thursday? 2004-07-02
Which of these songs by Thursday is your favourite?
Pick Your Poison Poll 2004-07-29
Help us pick what we will be putting out.
Freefaller poll 2004-08-15
A poll on the new band Freefaller
Who is cuter? 2004-09-06
I just want to know who everyone out there thinks is the cutest in Matchbox Twenty.
which member of good charlotte is the hottest? 2004-10-11
pick a member from good charlotte, who u think is the hottest
This poll is about the best show American Idol!
In Love and Death - The Used 2004-10-23
Bleeding Hearts 2004-11-15
A poll about the Bleeding Hearts
Ricky's new album 2004-11-21
Will Ricky have a huge new hit?
What Captain Albion Song Floats Your Boat 2004-12-15
Hello there Captain Albonians Just for a bit of fun, what Captain Albion Song is the one that ...
Linkin park cdz 2005-01-07
Which LP cd is the best?
THE RiCHARDSONS 2005-01-09
OKAY. whether you have heard of this band or not, you will soon enough. BUT! what should be the n...
Plumbum Greatest Hits 2005-01-17
This poll is for the Plumbum's Greatest Hits cd which will be sold at Borders stores locally.