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Nirvana Vs Rage Against The Machine 2001-04-26
Who do YOU feel is the better band?
Female Singers Poll 2006-05-26
Female Singers Poll
worst band ever 2009-06-26
what is the number one worst band ever
52nd GRAMMY Awards Predictions: General Field 2010-01-02 (closed)
The 52nd GRAMMY Awards will take place on Sunday January 31, 2010 at the Staples Centre, LA. We a...
Music 2010-11-07
Favorite Metallica song? 2002-11-22
What is your favorite Metallica song?
Korean Singers/Bands 2004-07-06
Which Korean singer/band do you like better?
Ozzy Osbourne vs. Ronnie James Dio!!! 2008-03-19
Ozzy Osbourne vs. Ronnie James Dio!!!
Eurovision 2010 2010-03-28 (closed)
By this Poll everyone may know which is the favourite song at Eurovision Song Contest 2010 in adv...
Vote for your favorite songs for 2011 2011-01-15 (closed)
This poll will serve as a daily vote to see what songs are liked by most people for year 2011. Th...
Favorite George Harrison Song of All Time! 2004-08-16
Vote for your all-time favorite George Harrison song (includes Harrison-performed Beatles songs a...
The Dream Theater Poll...2007 2007-07-20
This is an updated poll for the band Dream Theater. Created on 7/1/2007.
Ultimate Metal Poll !!!!!! 2007-12-06
Vote on the greatest in metal (mostly modern stuff).
Music Voting Poll 2000-11-09
Why not vote? Questions about Slipknot, and other bands
Best of the 90's 2002-05-10
The 90's was full of awesome music. Who do you think was the best?
John Ono Lennon 2002-07-03
What are your opinions on the life of John Lennon?
Best Poll Ever ( Classic Rock ) 2007-12-27
Classic Rock
Ultimate Heavy Metal Poll 2009-02-04
Finally! A definitive and all deciding poll about the ultimate genre; heavy metal!
Music of 2011 2012-01-30
Music of 2011
Best Atreyu song? 2008-06-27
Out of the choices, what do you think the best Atreyu song is.
BDM - Best Cover 2008-10-18 (closed)
1st annual Brokedown Melodies - Best Cover contest
Flute Survey 2001-05-01
This poll is to test your flute knowledge, as well as to help you see the likes and dislikes of o...
BEST OF THE 70'S 2002-02-06
Rock Vs Rap 2004-06-04
Vote Which You Prefer ROCK or RAP!!
Favorite Female Artist 2012-03-26
Vote now :)