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Who Created Heavy Metal 2006-06-06
Who Created Heavy Metal
The best guitar player EVER! 2002-05-15
this a poll that i thought a lot of people should be interested in.and i'm also obsest with guitars.
BMF RECAP 2010! 2010-12-01 (closed)
It's soon the end of the year and it's time to make a recap of 2010, this year was rich in new ar...
Queen vs Led Zeppelin 2005-11-09
It seems that, on every poll where Queen and Led Zeppelin show up, they're both tied for #1. Who ...
Judas Priest favorite album and song. 2005-01-05
Vote for best album and song by Judas Priest.
Nirvana vs. Metallica 2005-09-12
Vote for what songs/artists/albums that you consider are better - Nirvana and Metallica face-off.
Is Matthew Bellamy Gay? 2005-10-04
is the lead singer for the british band Muse bent? Note: The controversy surrounding him and Do...
Best A Perfect Circle song 2003-02-21
What is the best APC song?
PEARL JAM vs. NIRVANA 2004-12-10
In the "GREATEST BAND FROM EACH DECADE" poll, the only 2 bands tied - In the 90's, Pea...
CHILDREN OF BODOM poll 2005-03-01
best songs / cd of COB
Amr Diab OR Tamer Hosney ? 2008-05-16
Amr Diab OR Tamer Hosney ?
Guitarist VS Guitarist 2005-12-24
Head2Head Battle
Greatest Jazz Musicians of all Time 2005-01-17
This is a poll of the greatest jazz improvisors of all time.
BEST BANDS of the 90s 2005-02-21
What are your five favourite 90s bands?
The Compleat Beatles Poll 2001-08-01
This is the ultimate Beatle poll, the Beatle poll to end all Beatle polls. Any Beatle fans, music...
best rapper ever 2003-02-27
the best rapper ever
Top 100 hard rock bands 2001-07-13
Hello, i was just wonderin what normal people think are the top 100 hard rock bands. My persenal ...
METALLICA vs. SLAYER 2002-09-25
Who was the best thrash band of the 80s?
Rage Against the Machine for Xmas #1!! Who will truly buy it?? 2009-12-12 (closed)
Are some people all mouth and no trousers or are there some people out there who will be true to ...
Who do you want playing at The Tiv on the 12th Feb? YOU DECIDE! 2010-01-14 (closed)
Yes this your chance to decide the line up so vote NOTE: you only have one vote guys so choose wi...
top 50 punk bands of all time 2002-06-05
vote for the top 50 punk bands
blink 182 vs greenday poll 2005-02-02
who is the best band the mighty and funny blink 182 or the clever greenday
What genre are The Killers 2006-02-03
We have ahd many arguments about what genre the killers are so now u can vote for wot u think!!!
Best drummer of all time!!!! 2004-01-04
Who do you think is the best drummer/percussionist ever? Living or dead. We will span all genres.
Manowar favorite album and song 2005-01-13
Vote for best album and song by Manowar.