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The Greatest Beatles Album Ever ! 2002-03-19
Please select your favorite choice for the best Beatles album of all time.
Marching Band a Sport, an Art, or a Sport of the Arts 2002-12-31
Many people have different views about Marching band. in fact, they work harder than any athletic...
How does music affect you? 2003-01-14
This is a series of questions that are just a matter of opinion. A person's choice in music and h...
Whats your favorite metal band? 2007-12-14
Title says it all Vote :D
Your American Idol 2012 2012-03-19
Who is your American Idol 2012?
Best Song 2008-10-10
Best Song
Chris Cornell VS. Scott Weiland 2007-06-15
Both these dudes have fronted great grunge bands (Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots) and now front...
WHO WOULD WIN??? 2001-12-13
Led Zeppelin favorites 2002-08-05
Hi. My favorite band by far is Led Zeppelin. I think they are the greatest band of all time I wan...
Angels and Airwaves Vs. (+44) Vs. Blink 182 2006-11-30
Since Blink 182 broke up, the band members formed two bands , Angels and Airwaves, and +44.
BlazBlue VS Guilty Gear 2010-07-08
This poll is a comparison between the music compositions of BlazBlue games and Guilty Gear games,...
Celine Dion vs Carrie Underwood 2007-12-06
Ok me and my girlfriend got into an arguement the other night over who sings the song (Alone) ...
N'sync Poll 2001-11-24
This is a poll of N'sync
Top Rock Songs of 2002 2002-11-25
Which rock songs of 2002 are the best?
Best Beatles Album 2008-03-04
Best Beatles Album
Metallica or AC/DC 2008-04-22
Metallica or AC/DC
Best Classic Rock Band? 2011-01-25
What Classic Rock band do you think is the best?
Muscular girls 2004-07-06
Your thoughts and opinions on girls with muscles
The BEST 1980s 80's Music Poll! 2002-02-11
I admit it; I'm biased for 1980s music because I attended junior high & high school in this d...
Who is the greatest guitar player to ever live? 2005-04-06
Before you vote, please take the time to listen and/or download some songs by these players and t...
Best Band Of All Time 2010-05-10
Best Band Of All Time, Favorite Bands Of All Time
Greatest band/artist of all time? 2011-02-14
Metallica obviously doesn't deserve to be mentioned among such august company, but I put it there...
MUSIC: Today's Best Popular Music 2003-05-08
This poll covers five of the most popular types of music: pop, rock, metal, rap/urban and country...
Musical Preference 2017-01-27
This poll will help to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of our society's taste in mu...
Rap vs. Rock 2004-03-15
It's a big question, which is better?