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ULTIMATE METAL POLL!!!!!!!!! 2007-09-04
the ultimate metal poll
Avril or that other woman 2008-10-14
Avril or that other woman
Classic Metal VS Classic Rock 2005-10-10
Classic rock and classic metal have both affected the course of music in history. But which one o...
Best Canadian Songs of All Time 2007-06-06
I am doing a poll for a bunch of different countries (or regions in England and the US) and I wou...
Rihanna Wrestling 2008-10-27
If Rihanna were to quiet singing and become a wrestler how would she do in these matches
AC/DC Vs. Led Zeppelin 2009-01-13
AC/DC Vs. Led Zeppelin
BEST GENRE OF METAL!!!!!!!!! 2007-02-22
vote for your favotite types of metal. Tell the world what the most popular metal is...
Best Helloween Song Ever? 2010-11-07
What is the best Helloween song ever?
AC/DC favorite albums and songs 2004-12-18
Vote for best album and song by AC/DC.
Censorship in music 2002-04-09
This poll is for my sociology class. I am trying to find out what other people think about the u...
Greatest Hardrock/Metal song "ever" 2003-03-31
The best song of all time?
Best Beatles Album 2004-01-15
This is a poll
punk/ska bands round 1 2005-01-18
just choose the best punk/ska band in those...just pass if you dont know any of the bands
Song with best beat 2005-05-13
Which song do you think has the best beat (drums)
Best Rock Trio 2005-06-13
Who do you think is the best trio of rock?
Favorite Sublime song out of these: 2005-08-04
So many great songs. [we love you Bradley, RIP] the best is....
Who is the best?(the finalist) 2010-06-01 (closed)
choose one of these finalist
Favorite U2 album 2005-02-02
U2 has put out 12 albums since 1980 and have over 120 million total sales wordwide. Which is the...
Greatest Metal Band 2007-12-11
Greatest Metal Band
HELLO! we're a group of students in NTU RADIO FUSION and for our upcoming radio show, our theme i...
Whos your favourite singer? 2004-07-26
Pick the singer who you think is the best in each catergory:
Who is the best heavy metal band today? 2005-02-02
To see if old heavy metal bands are still considered heavy metal.
Greatest songs of all time 2008-02-08
This is the top 50 greatest songs according to rolling stone magazine. I just want to see your op...
Soshi vs. STAND 2010-03-28
This poll is to find out if this korean girl group called so nyuh shi dae (SNSD) has more fans or...
Musical Preference 2017-01-27
This poll will help to develop a greater understanding and knowledge of our society's taste in mu...