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linkin park or papa roach? 2009-07-06 (closed)
i want to know who you think is better.linkin park or papa roach?you will get to vote on their so...
Who's the Greatest Rock Guitarist of All Time? 1999-10-30
Every kid that picks up an electric guitar has his, or her, favorite, but are they really the mos...
what is the best Phineas and Ferb song 2009-12-08
looking for your favorite Phineas and Ferb Song
Creating "The Best Of Radiohead" Album! 2002-04-04
Pick which Radiohead songs in your opinion is the best and compile them into a greatest hits album.
Mariah Vs. Beyonce 2005-09-20
Beyonce Vs. Mariah
Who Is The More Successful Female Artist? (Mariah Carey, or Madonna) 2009-06-17
Which of these women is a better "SINGER", "ROLEMODEL", "WHO WOULD LAST ...
311 2005-02-21
Best 311 song ever
Greatest Rock Album of All-Time 2008-05-24
What is the Greatest Rock Album Ever?
The Greatest Rock Song of All Time 2004-01-20
Pick the setlist 2010-06-07 (closed)
Fans get to pick the setlist for Demonic Resurrections performance at the Rolling Stone Metal awa...
Sexiest Rock stars of all time 2008-10-29
Sexiest Rock stars of all time
Metallica Vs Iron Maiden 2008-11-06 (closed)
Thrash Metal Vs Heavy Metal
Britney VS Christina VS Jessica 2005-02-21
We must decide once and for all wich one of these celebrity Pop Princesses is the hottest.
Best Death Metal Band Of All Time 2001-01-18
Everybody knows that death metal is the coolest kind of music ever, so who is your favorite?
Rap music sucks! 2004-11-25
I hate rap music it all sounds the same!!
katem3's next video 2009-07-15
katem3's next video
Rock Vs. Rap 2003-03-25
I wonder what people think of rock vs. rap.
Meeky Mouse 2016-10-05
Who put meek to rest worse Drake or The Game
Best guitarist of all time 2005-06-09
Best guitarist of all time
Deftones vs. Linkin Park 2005-07-20
Velvet Revolver/Guns N Roses 2005-08-01
New vs old, original vs replacements, you decide
Best Bands ever 2007-01-20
Answer the questions about which band is the best in the question, then there'll be a final round...
Kelly Clarkson Vs. Christina Aguilera 2005-09-20
Who Is Better?
Chris Brown 2009-02-13 (closed)
ALL HIT MUSIC - Channel 94.1 wants to know if you still want to hear Chris Brown's music!
Ultimate Rock Band Quiz 2008-03-01
Ultimate Rock Band Quiz