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The Speshy Beatles Poll 2003-05-28
There are already several Beatles polls floating around... Thought I'd add another, with some int...
Best band ever 2007-12-15
Select the best band ever
The Ultimate Beatles Poll 2007-10-02
This poll includes questions about The Beatles
Queen VS The Beatles VS David Bowie 2009-11-20
Queen VS The Beatles VS David Bowie
Is Nas a real thug/gangster? 2013-09-27
Is Nas a real thug/gangster?
Lennon v. McCartney 2006-08-15
here are some songs written by each artist around the same time, which do you prefer?
!!!WORLDS BEST RAPPER!!! 2005-03-02
Lady's and Gents, Playas and Pimps, this poll is for all dem peoples out there who wanna vote for...
What Bands Do You Like? 2008-02-12
What Bands Do You Like?
**WHo aRe THe BeST RaPPeRS oF aLL TiMe??** 2005-03-12
LeTS CoMe TaKe a LooK aT WHo Be Da FLYeST aCCoRDiN To You. THe LiST HaS 100+ NaMeS oN iT.. iF i F...
Danny Carey vs. Mike Portnoy 2003-12-04
Danny Carey and Mike Portnoy are both incredible drummers, but which is superior?
Metallica Extreme 2006-08-28
You Won't Regret Voting Here
Vote on the best music genre 2002-04-15
Everybody is arguing on the best music genre. "rock rules" "pop is great" ...
Best Female Vocalist of All Time 2005-03-10
Vocally speaking, what female performer has the most moving, powerful voice of all time.
Greatest Bands of the 90's 2003-07-02
Choose who you think was the greatest band to walk the earth in the 90's.
best 311 album 2004-05-05
which is the best 311 album ever
metallica vs iron maiden 2008-03-13
this is metallica vs iron maiden who is the best the master of puppets? of mabe the trooper?
Who Would You Have in Your Ultimate Rock Band? 2005-10-24
Choose a frontman, guitarist, bassist and drummer for your ultimate rock band.
Gayest Band Of All Time 2008-02-15
Gayest Band Of All Time
THE KING OF ARABIC SONG 2008-07-17 (closed)
Led Zeppelin Vs. Van Halen 2009-01-05
Led Zeppelin Vs. Van Halen
Top 100 Disney Songs 2012-02-27
Hello. I have a project that I get to do for my Music Class which is coming up with a list of th...
The Greatest Rock'n Roll Poll 1999-02-02
Vote for your Favorites, and let's see who wins.
Pearl Jam vs. Radiohead vs. Tool vs. NIN vs. RHCP 2006-05-01
5 bands that all still exist today... All have been around at least 15 years, & all have a hu...
Favorite types of music 2002-10-28
This is for anyone who IM's me. Please answer truthfully
Green Day IS GAY 2005-12-28
This is for people who hate GREENDAY!!! I guess all you gay people who like them can take it too.