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Wedding Music 2011-11-08
Please list your favorite wedding songs.
Battle of the Bands II Round 1 Overtime 2011-11-03
Whose music do you like more?
What should be the English national anthem 2011-10-27
What should be the English national anthem
Your Current Top 5 Russell Michael's Songs! 2011-10-20 (closed)
Share with us your current top 5 favorite Russell Michael's songs!
Classical Instruments and Music 2011-10-20 (closed)
I am producing a classical music magazine aimed at educating and informing children and parents o...
Decide The Winner! 2011-10-18 (closed)
Decide the winning song for October Week 4's Chart!
Music 2011-10-18 (closed)
You just gotta love music. (:
Good Songs 2 2011-10-18
Good Songs 2
Revolver 2011-10-18
A general Poll about the 7th beatles studio album Revolver
Instruments 2011-10-13 (closed)
Ok so most of us play an instrument of some type, i'd like to know what instruments are most popu...
Music Lyrics 2011-10-10
I'm doing a research project for my sociology class and I'm looking to find out if the lyrics of ...
Barefoot Blue Jean Nights 2011-10-10
I recently came across Jake Owen's new country song "Barefoot Blue Jean Night", which r...
Best Songs 2011-10-10
Best Songs
What is your favorite music genre? 2011-10-04 (closed)
What is your favorite music genre?
Battle of the Bands II Round 1 2011-10-04
Whose music do you like more?
Extensive Best musical artists/bands poll 2011-10-04
An extensive Music poll that isn't cliche as the others! Theres like a zillion questions , but d...
What Type Of Music Do You Like 2011-09-27
This poll will ask you questions about the type of music you like, what you think of a particular...
2012 GSH GOSPEL MUSIC AWARDS NOMINEES 2011-09-27 (closed)
Welcome to the 2012 GSH Gospel Music Awards, celebrating excellence in Gospel Music Ministry. Her...
The best of Metallica 2011-09-27
Thirty years of Metallica in this year, can you believe it? I prepared a list of their songs whic...
Do you like Rap? 2011-09-27 (closed)
A quick simple poll on whether you like rap or not and whether there are other music genres you p...
what is your favourite nevershoutnever song 2011-09-27 (closed)
its a band with christofer drew in
Valerie 2011-09-22 (closed)
A simple poll to determine if the general public have fully working eardrums.
Favorite band (rock 2011-09-20
who's your favorite band
Which music groups do you like? 2011-09-20
Which music groups do you like?
Which song song should be the next single for lady gaga's album, "Born This Way" 2011-09-19 (closed)
If your a Lady Gaga fan and have been listening to her debut album "Born This Way", whi...