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Christmas Movies 2001-12-08
Favorite holiday movies
Movie Theater Opinion Poll 2002-03-11
This poll contains questions about about movie theaters.
Favorite Indiana Jones Movie 2002-03-11
Please choose your favorite Indiana Jones movie.
80's SuperHero Movies 2002-05-06
These are questions about selecting the Best Super Hero movies made in the 1980's.
Movies Based On Comic Books 2002-07-01
A whole mess of movies have been made about and based on comic book characters. What are the bes...
YES!!! Another Lord of the Rings poll to get you thinking! 2002-09-25
Yes, yes, I know. How many LOTR polls can you have? Well, just bear with me and fill it out, k?!!
Favorite character in Willy Wonka? 2002-11-22
Agustus...he's gonna fall in.
Favourite James Bond Movie 2002-12-16
Vote Here for your favourite James Bond film!
Horror Movie Polls 2002-12-16
This is a poll about different aspect of horror movies.
Elijah Wood vs Orlando Bloom 2003-01-14
Which 1?
Best Actress Oscars 2003-02-20
How would you have voted if you could have? These are the original Academy Award nominees for Bes...
Stand By Me 2003-05-07
favorite boy?
Mighty Ducks 2003-05-07
favorite player?
Michael vs Freddy vs Jason 2003-06-15
Who do you think will come out on top??
War Films 2003-08-10
What is the best war film of all time?
The BEST Movie Series of all Time 2003-09-29
The best of the best
Pirates of the Caribbean 2004-06-03
Take a poll about the BEST movie ever filmed, Pirates of the Caribbean!
Favorite Movies From Each Celebrity 2004-07-20
Your Favorite Movie From Each One Of These Celebrities
Star Wars Poll 2004-09-19
Use The Force...
Comic Book Movie poll 2004-10-04
Comic book movies have been invading cinemas lately...
Movie Villains Showdown Round 2 2005-01-25
Round 2 of the hysterically exciting Movie Villains Showdown series of polls. Vote on, folks!
Movie: A League Of Their Own 2005-03-21
There's been great debate over the years whether Dottie dropped the ball on purpose during her co...
The Best Directors 2005-05-09
Whether they are keen visionary amytheists, fun smash-hit makers, or just the guy who happened to...
STAR WARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2005-06-20
Star Wars, Star Wars STAR WARS!!!
100 Funniest Movies Voted By YOu 2005-11-21
Welcome here are 100 of my choices of the 100 funniest movies (no overrated crap like Some Like ...