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The Harry Potter Poll 2004-01-20
We're all aware of the Harry Potter hype. I want to know what you think of the little wizard that...
A poll by a star wars fan for star wars fans
The most important moments in Star wars 2005-05-31
Several questions for the fans !
Star Trek and Star Wars 2005-07-08
A poll about the two greatest sci-fi franchises ever created: Star Trek and Star Wars! Please pos...
hottest Teen Titans poll ever 2005-08-03
hello , i am Prima Lawfie. This is my Teen Titans poll. What do you think of my poll? If you have...
Which 007 Actor? 2006-05-23
Who's your favorite Bond Actor?
Favorite Movies of a series 2006-09-19
What are your favorite movies out of these series
the great battles 2006-10-09
Who will win the following battles?
Bale or Keaton: The best Batman? 2007-02-13
You know what to do.
Hottest Harry Potter Boy(Girls only) 2007-08-04
THis is a poll to decide who the girls think the hottest guy on harry potter is.
Pirates of the Caribbean: The Trilogy 2007-08-08
As of now, the Pirates of the Caribbean movie trilogy is now complete. This poll is for everyone ...
High School Musical 1 & 2 vs. Grease (just 1) 2007-10-07
This is a comparison between the high school musicals and Grease 1
Movie Viewing 2007-12-04
Just a poll to see the manner in which folks like to view their movies.
Which of these is your favourite Villain? 2008-03-16
Which of these is your favourite Villain? (Check all you like/fear the most.)
Favourite Disney Princess 2008-07-22
Favourite Disney Princess
Why did he wet himself 2009-03-25
I just watched dances with wolves, and saw the scene where the major points out that he has wet h...
Star Wars fights 2009-03-28
Who would win in a fight?
Euro horror films 2011-01-01
Euro horror films
harry potter 2011-06-04
harry potter
Heroes and Villains 2012-04-17
The age old question has been around since comic books were invented: Who's cooler: Heroes or Vil...
Best Christopher Nolan film? 2012-06-11
Best Christopher Nolan film?
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 1 2012-09-04
Which movie is better?
Did Batman Die in the Dark knight Rises 2012-10-01
Many discuss this topic so i wanted to know what did you guys think.
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 2 2012-11-07
Which movie is better?
Godzilla 1998 vs. Godzilla 2014 2014-06-09
Tell me what you think about the Godzilla movies made by the americans.