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Favorite Disney Princess 2012-10-26
Just wanted to know who was every bodies favorite fictional princess.
PG-13 for Non-Stop Ninja Action? 2013-09-09
<img src="http://m.iphotoscrap.com/Image/218/1323500041.jpg" width="100%" ...
Best Picture 2014-03-07
Which one should have won the Oscar?
The films of Stanley Kubrick 2014-09-12
Stanley Kubrick is one of the greatest directors of all time. Some have their favourite Kubrick f...
Harry Potter-who's ur favorite character 2015-06-01
Harry Potter-who's ur favorite character
let random poll begin 2015-11-19
let random poll begin
Which Sarah Michelle Gellar Project is your favorite 2015-11-30
Which Sarah Michelle Gellar Project is your favorite
The Ultimate Star Wars Classic Trilogy Poll 2001-10-16
This it The Ultimate Star Wars Classic Trilogy Poll! This is all about Star Wars Classic Trilogy!
Harry Potter Character Poll 2001-12-20
I just wanted to know which characters you like better and which ones you think will 'get togethe...
Lord Of The Rings Vs Harry Potter 2003-01-14
So far, with both Movies releasing 2 parts, which has proven to be better? Lord Of The Rings, Or ...
Scarface v. Godfather 2003-01-27
This is a poll to answer the age-old question: which movie is better Scarface or the Godfather? ...
2002 Blasko Awards - Sci Fi Fantasy Horror Oscars 2003-02-01
This is the continuing yearly awards for the best in science fiction, fantasy and horror films. Y...
Superhero Movies 2003-02-19
Like to see your favorite comic book/cartoon superheroes come to life on the silver screen? Well,...
What do you like best in "Star Wars?" 2003-05-30
I am a "Star Wars" fan who would like to see what fellow Jedi enjoy most.
HOTTEST actress 2003-06-19
whos hot?
Who is the hottest Angel from Full Throttle 2003-08-28
Is Cameron, Drew, Lucy, or Demi the hottest angel in Charlie's Angels.
The Ultimate Disney Poll 2003-10-28
Yeah, who can resist all those good ole Disney classics? However, as the name implies, this is a ...
HP hottie? 2003-10-28
So have you ever noticed that in the harry potter movies, there's quite a few good-looking actors...
The Harry Potter Poll 2004-01-20
We're all aware of the Harry Potter hype. I want to know what you think of the little wizard that...
Favorite bond actor 2004-07-16
Who's ur favorite james bond actor?
A poll by a star wars fan for star wars fans
The most important moments in Star wars 2005-05-31
Several questions for the fans !
Star Trek and Star Wars 2005-07-08
A poll about the two greatest sci-fi franchises ever created: Star Trek and Star Wars! Please pos...
hottest Teen Titans poll ever 2005-08-03
hello , i am Prima Lawfie. This is my Teen Titans poll. What do you think of my poll? If you have...
Which 007 Actor? 2006-05-23
Who's your favorite Bond Actor?