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Which Disney Princess is the best? 2009-03-28
Out of the original Six Disney Princesses: -Snow White -Cinderella -Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) ...
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011-10-10
A poll about the most anticipated Harry Potter film that finally completes the film series. Conta...
Star Wars Favorites 2013-08-09
Geeks unite! I you are a Star Wars geek then take this poll! its basically just choosing your fav...
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees 2014-08-05
who would win? and let me know why...share your knowledge.
snuff movies 2001-04-23
what do you know about snuff movies
Hottest Female Celeb 2001-12-31
The Hottest Female Celeb of all
Harry Potter Questions 2002-04-09
Tim Burton Films 2002-04-09
This poll is dedicated to Tim Burton, one of the most artistic film directors of the USA.
Superhero Movies 2003-01-05
Movies about Superheroes & Superheroines generate much interest. Who would you like to see on...
Newsies 2003-05-07
Should 13-Year Olds Be allowed to watch Rated R Movies? 2004-03-08
My poll is asking people if 13 year-olds should be allowed to watch R-Rated films.
Harry Potter - The Prisoner Of Azkaban Movie Poll 2004-08-12
A poll to gather opinions about the new Harry Potter Movie: The Prisoner Of Azkaban from the fans...
Male Nudity in Movies 2004-08-16
This is just a poll about male nudity in the movies.
A Lord of the Rings Quiz 2004-11-11
Just testing your knowledge, but the answers are on the message boards for this poll if you'd lik...
Wizard of Oz Poll 2005-01-09
For all your burning questions.
nightmare on elm street poll!!! 2005-12-13
This poll gives you a chance to vote your faivorite kills and thrills of freddy krueger
Favorite Superhero movie 2006-05-15
What's your favorite superhero movie?
Favorite Star Wars movie 2006-06-09
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
Jaws Vs Halloween 2007-03-06
Wich Is Better?
which disney chick is the best? 2008-06-22
we all identified with the chicks in disney films...which one do you think is the best?
Disney catfights rd #2 2008-07-30
Kim Possible vs Jane (tarzan)
The Best Death Scene III 2010-11-19
Out of the options listed below, please select what you think would be the best death scene in a ...
Sexiest Jungle Girl 2011-03-26
Sexiest Jungle Girl
Doctor Who VS Back to the Future 2011-05-28
Two famous time travelling shows/movies go head to head.But which is better?
What is your favorite SAW movie? 2011-07-09
I absolutely love the SAW series, and its hard to choose a favorite. I know most people say the f...