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Star Wars Poll 2007-05-18
star war stuff
Battle Between Star Wars Characters #2 2007-07-22
The first poll I made last summer got lots of votes, so I decided to make a sequel. Here is the l...
Superheroes Vs Horror Movie Icons 2009-07-06
This is a poll of superheroes versus horror icons.
Sharknado Movies 2016-05-31
How do you feel about the Sharknado Series of Movies
Fisherman vs Ghostface 2005-01-09
Who do you think is cooler stronger, has the best weapon etc.? You Decide!
Disney Princesses 2005-07-14
Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Adam Sandler vs Jim Carrey vs Mike Myers 2005-12-06
Who is the funniest
The Batman poll. 2006-05-10
Answer the questions.
Popular Movie Series Poll(Such as LOTR,Star Wars,POTC,HP,etc 2006-08-17
I will simply ask you questions and give you choices having to do with popular movie series.
Do you love Disney movies? 2006-10-10
Please Enjoy a poll on Disney movies. :o)
Harry Potter battle: Good vs. Evil 2008-01-31
Bellatrix, Rabastan, Rodolphus, Barty Crouch Junior, and Voldemort are battling against Harry, Ro...
Lion King Movies 2008-06-16
A poll about.... *take a guess*............ You guessed it! (I hope)
Which Disney Princess is the best? 2009-03-28
Out of the original Six Disney Princesses: -Snow White -Cinderella -Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) ...
best horror movies of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's 2009-08-03
plz come vote in this pole! it's awesome
Deathly Hallows Part 2 2011-10-10
A poll about the most anticipated Harry Potter film that finally completes the film series. Conta...
Star Wars Favorites 2013-08-09
Geeks unite! I you are a Star Wars geek then take this poll! its basically just choosing your fav...
Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees 2014-08-05
who would win? and let me know why...share your knowledge.
the vampire diaries vs. harry potter > the vampire diaries vs. harry potter 2016-11-23
which girl is stronger?
snuff movies 2001-04-23
what do you know about snuff movies
Hottest Female Celeb 2001-12-31
The Hottest Female Celeb of all
Everything Harry Potter 2002-01-22
Hi! Thanks for voting in this poll!
Newsies 2003-05-07
Should 13-Year Olds Be allowed to watch Rated R Movies? 2004-03-08
My poll is asking people if 13 year-olds should be allowed to watch R-Rated films.
Harry Potter - The Prisoner Of Azkaban Movie Poll 2004-08-12
A poll to gather opinions about the new Harry Potter Movie: The Prisoner Of Azkaban from the fans...
Male Nudity in Movies 2004-08-16
This is just a poll about male nudity in the movies.