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Who is the most attractive Avenger? 2012-04-06
Let's find out who the most attractive member on the Avengers team is. Of course they're all attr...
Movie Poll 2015 2015-11-19
What's your favorite?
Which teen startlet's movie could most use a spanking scene? 2001-07-01
Ok, this was a tough poll to setup. I debated on how to handle the question, and actually wanted ...
Batman. 2007-03-08
Which Harry Potter character do you like best? 2010-01-14
Are you Harry Potter mad, just like me? Have you watched every single film, listened to every sin...
Blood and gore 2015-05-04
Many people love gory death scenes in movies. If you could write a gory death scene, what would ...
Godfather vs Scarface 2003-11-24
Welcome, this poll is designed to answer the age-old question "Which is better, The Godfathe...
Harry Potter and related... stuff 2007-08-16
It's about the Harry Potter movies and books and related things.
Who's The Best Actor Of All Time??? 2002-03-27
Who do you think is the BEST actor???
Italian Exploitation Screen Sirens 2002-05-23
The Italian cinema is known for its bevy of voluptuous bombshells , here are some RedHot mamas.
Harry Potter Characters 2003-01-02
Which HP character would YOU want to be?
Ultimate poll!
The Batman Movie Poll to End All Batman Movie Polls 2008-04-14
A poll about the various Batman films.
3 Ninjas kick balls! 2011-06-23
<img src="http://www.stargalaxy.com/sgimg.php?id=544d555c5954544540421311776378637d60676b...
The Wizard of Oz vs Alice in Wonderland 2013-09-16
Two book/movie series with much in common.
Star Wars vs Star trek 2014-06-13
There has been an argument for decades about this, and I mean decades. I wish to end this fight t...
boys who take off shoes or misbehave at the movies or cinema 2017-07-05
this is a poll for boys (or fathers of boys) who like to take off their shoes and/or misbehave at...
Spanking in movies 2001-08-09
In the past stars such as Doris Day, Priscilla Lane, Maureen O'Hara and Kim Darby were spanked in...
Everything Harry Potter 2002-01-22
Hi! Thanks for voting in this poll!
Favourite Movie of All Time!!!! 2006-06-06
Pick your fav movie.
Movies Good or Bad 2007-06-04
What is your view of the following movies?
best horror films of the 70's and 80's (by year) 2007-09-27
i will create a list of horror fims from the 70's and 80's (year by year) and we will see what fi...
Star Wars Vs. Harry Potter Vs. Lord of the Rings Vs. Twilight 2009-08-01
ignore the fact that some people use wands/lightsabers/swords/teeth...just imagine w/o weapen adv...
Who should play who in the next Batman movie 2009-08-08
Title explains it all.
James Bond 2013-08-29
a poll about the James Bond film series