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Jacob Goodnight vs Leatherface 2014-06-02
who is deadliest? the large man with the deadly hook or the huge chainsaw weilding texan
Violence in Media 2015-11-29
Violence in media is extremely prevalent today, as entertainment it's been apart of cultures for ...
2016 Methane Movie Awards Final Ballot 2016-01-25 (closed)
The nominees have been decided. It's time to choose the winners. Choose the ones you think shou...
Movie death scenes 2016-06-13
If you could write a death scene for a movie, what would it look like?
The Batman poll. 2006-05-10
Answer the questions.
Which Charlie and the chocolate factory film is best? 2016-10-30
As of 2016 there are two movie adaptations of Charlie and the Chocolate factory by Roald Dahl. Th...
Trainspotting v. The Basketball Diaries 2006-09-19
Two very different films about two groups of heroin-addicted friends.
L.A. Confidential vs. The Departed 2007-09-01
Two of the most highly acclaimed cop dramas in the last twenty years. Pick your favorite.
Star Wars vs LOTR vs Matrix vs Harry Potter 2005-11-21
choose your favorite
Alex Rider vs Agent Cody Banks 2007-01-10
Which of the two teen spys do you prefer
3 Ninjas know where to hit 2013-05-13
<img src="http://i8.photobucket.com/albums/a7/etvideo1/eBay/laserdiscs%202/3ninjasrldp.jp...
nudity in movies 2004-04-28
should nudity be allowed in movies?
Jason vs. Michael Myers 2004-12-08
The showdown between two of the baddest bad guys!!
Marvel Fan Casting (MCU) 2016-06-08
I list of Marvel characters an actors I think should play them.
Horror Character Battles 2006-08-31
All your Favorite Horror Movie Characters Are about to face off, who will win!
Batman Movie Poll 2006-12-31
As a very big Batman fan, I am also a big fan of Batman films. This quiz will cover details of ev...
What was your favourite movies from 2014? 2015-02-09
Favourite movies of 2014
2017 Methane Movie Awards Special Mid-Year Poll 2017-07-12
Since we have just crossed the midpoint of the year, I have decided to make a special poll highli...
harry potter fights 2008-03-01
harry potter ha
Batman Movies 1989-2012 2010-08-28
The Ultimate Batman Movie Poll
Female vs Male nudity in movies 2002-08-12
Granted they show a lot of T&A for women but this is about things below the waist and locker ...
The Nanny Characters 2009-05-31
Who is your favorite character in the Nanny serie ?
Which teen startlet's movie could most use a spanking scene? 2001-07-01
Ok, this was a tough poll to setup. I debated on how to handle the question, and actually wanted ...
Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2003 vs Wrong Turn 2005-12-06
These two movies are quite similar so I thought I would see which one people prefer
Batman. 2007-03-08