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Would you survive a zombie outbreak? 2010-02-04
Zombies are everywhere! What do you do? How do you survive?
Best Hollywood Movie Ever 2011-03-26
Vote for your favourite Hollywood movie of all time, and see if other people agree with you. Also...
GALE OR PEETA? 2012-04-03
From the movie The Hunger Games + the 3 awesome books!
A few Batman vs Joker questions and scenarios~ 2012-04-09
All of the questions relate to the TDK (The Dark Knight) characters unless specified otherwise in...
Which Green Mile villain was worse? 2012-06-25
The 1999 film The Green Mile had two nasty villains - the sadistic prison officer Percy Wetmore a...
Westerns 2012-07-18
Favourite western Movies and tv shows
Which is your Favourite Tamil Actor? 2012-08-09
Which is your Favourite Tamil boy Actor? Please choose one or you can choose "other" an...
Lord of the Rings - Hero 2013-01-02
Vote for whom, in your opinion, was the true hero of the fantasy story!
Which Is The Best Horror Movie ? 2013-01-29
There have been many horror movies made over the years, but which one is the best ? Let's find ou...
The Dark Knight Trilogy 2013-03-05
A couple questions about the Dark Knight Trilogy.
Star Wars Character Tournament - Round 1 2013-03-19
Who is your favorite Star Wars character? It's Light Side vs Dark Side. Pick whoever you like bet...
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 5 2013-05-03
Which movie is better?
Best 2012 Movies 2013-11-12
This poll is about successful 2012 movies, please choose wisely.
Do you think Ben Affleck is a good choice to play Batman? 2014-01-16
We'll all remember where and when we were when we heard this big news of this casting. What are t...
Best Director 2014-03-10
Who should have won the Oscar?
Who do you think that is the best martial artist in the world's history. 2015-05-04
Who do you think that is the best marial artist who the world have ever seen, looking for skills,...
James Bond 1998-12-09
Come on in and let everyone know who 'does it better'!
Ultimate Horror Movie Poll 2001-03-02
Love scary movies? Then you'll love this poll!
Best Stanley Kubrick Film 2001-11-17
Stanley Kubrick is arguably the best, and certainly one of the most noted directors ever. His di...
hottest actress 2001-11-19
hey me and my friends are debating whitch actress is the hottest so could you help me out??
Neve Campbells Best Movies 2001-12-04
A poll for you to decide on the best movies by the amazing Neve Campbell.
JAR JAR! 2001-12-12
Some people love him, other hate him.
If you had these guys line up and you could shoot only one, which one would it be?
Best Western 2001-12-31
best westerns
battle of horror 2002-01-14
just a poll, that is a little more interesting