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Star Wars Vs Lord Of The Rings 2005-12-07
What do you think is better, the Star Wars movies Or Lord Of The Rings, take your pick.
Harry Potter: Pick your ship!!! 2006-02-02
Harry Potter love teams or shippers rather have been all over potter sites!! arguing about who's ...
Jurassic Park VS The lost world VS Jurassic park III 2006-02-16
Three best dinosaur movies.
World Scariest Movies 2006-02-16
The World's Most Creepiest, Disturbing, and Spine-Chilling Movies Have Finally Been Released Thro...
The Image of Ali, 4th Caliph of Islam 2006-04-07
This poll is to determine whether the Muslim world is ready to see a movie that depicts one of th...
Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" in her lingerie 2006-05-31
If Belle from "Beauty and the Beast" was in her lingerie in a cartoon or film-and this ...
Looney Tunes 2006-07-20
Which Looney Tunes character is the best?
Favorite Movies of a series 2006-09-19
What are your favorite movies out of these series
The Lord of the Rings Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia!!! 2006-10-17
A showdown between two of the world's most popular book series that have recently been adapted in...
Which Jedi is more powerful? 2006-10-24
Out of all Jedi seen in the 6 major motion pictures, which one do you feel is the most powerful?
And Hottest Indian Actress Is 2006-11-30
Poll for the hottest , the sexiest , the bootylicious of em all ...
Batman Begins Vs. Batman & Robin 2006-12-11
I know...I know...you're thinking "what pointless poll!", but my friend insisted that I...
A huge poll filled with fun and variety 2006-12-28
Mostly containing movies and sci fi
Best/Worst Batman movie writers. 2007-01-10
Choose the best and worst writers for Batman films.
Vote for your favorite Rocky movie and your favorite Rocky opponent
Best Scary/Horror Movie (No noobs please) 2007-02-17
What is the Best Scary/Horror Movie ever made?
James Bond best and worst 2007-02-22
Answer the following questions to decide that age old question, what is the best and worst james ...
Who's Your Favorite Disney Villain? 2007-03-21
The following will have a list of Disney villains. Choose as many as you want and vote!
Harry Potter 2007-05-10
What do you think about the Harry Potter movies?
Ultimate Disney Poll! 2007-06-10
I put together a series of Disney questions (This or That mainly). Constantly adding new question...
Who was James Bond when you were born? 2007-07-28
I was born in the Timothy Dalton era, that is 1986, the year before The Living Daylights. And he ...
The Bourne Films Vs Mission Impossible 2007-08-10
It's time for you to decide, which movies are overall better: The Bourne Series or The Missio...
harry potter 2007-08-18
harry potter
Favorite out at sea movie 2007-09-27
What is your favorite movie that takes place out at sea?
godzilla vs gamera vs king kong 2007-10-04
who will win