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Star Wars vs Harry Potter 2011-09-08
Two of the most famous and successful movie series of all time!
the ultimate Lord of the rings poll 2004-01-27
this is the second I made and a little bit better then the first one and ofcourse with the Return...
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings 2016-12-06
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter Vs Lord of the Rings 2003-01-02
i wonder how this poll will turn out...
Star Wars vs. Lord of the Rings 2002-02-06
Okay, here's an interesting one...
Who's the hottest Disney prince? 2006-01-24
You heard me. Who sweeps YOU off YOUR feet?
Harry Potter Tickling part 3 2013-01-14
Draco Malfoy gets in tickle fights with other characters
Star Wars Showdown 2016-01-12
Pick Your Favorite
Fantastic Beast Review Poll 2016-11-29
<img src=https://s13.postimg.org/nlhtxm01j/fantastic_beasts_review_21nov16.jpg/>
Favorite Movie Genres for teenagers 2017-01-27
The reason why I did this poll was to find out the majority of teenagers favorite movie genres. I...
How Far Should Actresses Go for Role? (Graphic) 2014-01-10
In the US version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara chose to actually get many o...
What underwear do the men of Star Wars wear? 2016-06-16
The poll to end all polls, the greatest question to be answered within a galaxy far, far away, th...
Harry Potter vs Twilight 2016-12-06
<img src=https://s18.postimg.org/hwz1j73yh/061711_potter_vs_vampire_folk_2600110617180856.jpg/...
Harry Potter Wrestling 2012-05-18
Characters from Harry Potter in wrestling matches.
Hermione vs. Ginny 2012-01-12
Two characters from the Harry Potter movies/books face off in different competitions.
Oscars 2016 2016-01-15
A poll on your bets for the 2016 Oscars
Pixar vs Dreamworks 2009-01-19
THE 2 powerhouses in CG Animation, but which studio creates the greater films?
2017 Methane Movie Awards Final Ballot 2017-01-29 (closed)
The nominees are set. Now it's time to choose the winners. Select the ones that you think shoul...
Do you think SUPERMAN will return in JUSTICE LEAGUE? 2016-07-24
<img src = "https://s31.postimg.org/f9bw3qs2j/justice_league.jpg">
Michael Jackson\Elvis Presely? 2009-07-11
Who do you think was more popular, Michael Jackson or Elvis?
Wrestling/ Fighting Actresses as Film Characters: Alternate Reality Match Up 2016-06-26
Would popular film heroines be able to win a fight or wrestling match? Features Emma Watson, Scar...
Oz vs Wonderland vs Neverland vs Narnia 2014-07-14
Four alternate worlds from classic children's literature.
Male frontal nudity on film 2001-08-16
Female frontal nudity seems to be more accepted than male frontal nudity in movies, particularly ...
Dark knight vs Dark knight Rises 2012-09-11
Which is the better overall movie Dark knight or Dark knight rises
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings 2017-02-05
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings