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Greatest movie heroes/villains of all time 2008-08-15
Greatest movie heroes/villains of all time
Harry Poter Characters 2007-06-22
Between the movies and the books, you've gotta have a favorite character.
Draco vs. Hermione 2012-01-12
Two characters from the Harry Potter movies/books go at it in different competitions
nudity in movies 2004-04-28
should nudity be allowed in movies?
Superheroes and Villians 2005-08-15
Various questions 'bout superheroes and their villians.
Top 10 horror movies of all time! 2006-11-05
In this poll you will select your ten favorite horror movies. Be honest!
Hottest Harry Potter Girl (boys only) 2007-07-22
This poll is to decide who the boys think is the hottest harry potter girl is.
Vote- Best Film of 2008 2009-10-05
Australia Burn After Reading Changeling Cloverfield The Curious Case of benjamin Button The ...
Paranormal Activity 2009-11-04 (closed)
Paranormal Activity was it "the scariest movie of the year, decade, of all time"?
Star Wars vs. The Matrix vs. Harry Potter vs. LOTR 2003-05-28
This poll is to see which scifi/fantasy franchise is most popular.
Actors and Actresses IMDB poll 2002-07-07
A poll about actors and actresses and IMDB board of the same name.
The Best of Alfred Hitchcock 2004-04-22
What do you think Hitchcock's best film is?
Disney catfights rd 1 2008-07-30
Jessica Rabbit is confident, aerial is stronger than she looks, and the upset nani is aiming to t...
I LOVE LOTR!!!!!!!!!! 2004-05-25
This is a poll for people who love LOTR.
choose the best horror and thriller movie of all time
What's Your Favorite Movie? 2008-07-30
Tell your favorite movie.
A Comprehensive Disney Poll 2005-02-02
This is a poll on Disney animators, directors, voice artists, composers and songs.
Who is the best Actor of alltime in Hollywood 2009-06-25
Who is the best Actor of alltime in Hollywood. I think it is Gregory Peck, what do you say. Vote ...
HEAVY HITTERS of 2005 2006-01-11
these are the best of the best
Avatar the movie 2010-01-14
So, what did you think?
The Ultimate Battle Poll 2006-04-06
All the bad guys are here to fight a battle that will change the world! YOU DECIDE ON THE WINNER!
Nicholas Cage Poll 2008-01-02
Nicholas Cage Poll
harry potter fights 2008-03-01
harry potter ha
Team Edward v.s. Team Jacob 2009-11-29
Team Edward v.s. Team Jacob
best ever movie quote! 2007-04-18