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Movie Trilogies - Which is the best of each trilogy? 2005-11-30
Choose the best movie out of each movie trilogy.
Best Movies of 2010 2011-01-25
Best Movies of 2010
Best Movies of the 80's 2009-08-14
Best Movies of the 80's
A Harry Potter Poll 2004-08-05
A Poll Regarding Harry Potter
High School Musical 2006-08-15
This poll is only for people who enjoyed High School Musical.
Republic Cliffhanger Serial Ratings 2006-09-05
Rate the sound movie serials made by Republic Pictures 1936-1955.
Best Movie Ever??? 2007-12-31
Best Movie Ever???
Johnny Depp Movies 2010-07-15
Choose your favorite Johnny Depp movie:
Mega-horror movie poll 2001-10-25
Monsters... Maniacs... Mayhem... Blood... Screaming damsels in distress... And bizarre death scen...
oscars for the 15 biggest movies.... 2003-06-10
OK this is a kind of oscar game for the 15 movies that have the best scores on the world wide box...
Harry Potter vs Capt. Jack Sparrow 2006-07-17
Title explains it all
Jedi/Sith poll (What if it were real?) 2009-07-21
I'm wondering just what people would do if jedi/sith and lightsabers were real. Lets find out!
Jackie Chan Film Gecesinde Ne Gösterelim? 2010-02-20 (closed)
Mart ayında yapılması planlanan 'Çin Günleri' kapsamında düzenlemeyi düşündüğümüz '...
Most powerful ship in the stargate 2010-07-04
Most powerful ship in the stargate
The Best Death Scene 2011-04-01
Out of the options listed below, please select what you think would be the best death/torture sce...
Best Christopher Nolan film? 2012-06-11
Best Christopher Nolan film?
Lord Of The Rings Vs Harry Potter 2003-01-14
So far, with both Movies releasing 2 parts, which has proven to be better? Lord Of The Rings, Or ...
Horror Movie TRIVIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2007-02-05
I was playing trivia in the car today, and I was wondering if there were any horror movie trivia ...
is peter pan a super hero? 2004-06-14
hey this is a poll about peter pan hahaha
freddy vs jason vs chucky vs jigsaw 2009-04-25
this is my first poll of four horror ledgends of who is the best horror ledgend
Superheroes Vs Horror Movie Icons 2009-07-06
This is a poll of superheroes versus horror icons.
Star Wars Showdown 2016-01-12
Pick Your Favorite
Favorite Star Wars movie 2006-06-09
What is your favorite Star Wars movie?
Best Movie Ever Tournament Round 4 2013-04-04
Which movie is better?
Which is a better TERMINATOR model? 2003-09-11
Which is a better terminator model? The T-1000 Mimetic Polyalloy (Liquid Metal) from Terminator 2...