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Harry Potter battle: Good vs. Evil 2008-01-31
Bellatrix, Rabastan, Rodolphus, Barty Crouch Junior, and Voldemort are battling against Harry, Ro...
which disney chick is the best? 2008-06-22
we all identified with the chicks in disney films...which one do you think is the best?
Greatest Films Of All Time 2009-04-03 (closed)
Vote for what you believe to be the greatest film of all time, and for what you believe to be the...
Haldir vs. Legolas 2002-06-10
I've been having this little debate ever since I saw The Lord of The Rings. Is Haldir or Legolas ...
Whos Movies Are Better Lindsay Vs. Hilary Vs. Amanda Bynes 2006-04-13
You Dicide
Hottest Teen Movie Stars! 2002-05-28
A poll about teen movie stars!
best movie series 2003-12-18
what is the best movie series of all time? Must be more than 2 movies in the series.
Which 007 Actor? 2006-05-23
Who's your favorite Bond Actor?
Disney catfights rd #2 2008-07-30
Kim Possible vs Jane (tarzan)
Best Bad Guys 2002-04-09
Ranking the best villains in film, and the actors who portray them.
Will Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows be rated R? 2008-01-25
I'm really hoping the Deathly Hallows WON'T be rated R, because then I can't watch it, and I want...
Best Horror Killers 2004-12-08
This poll is about all kinds of killers from past and present horror flicks.
What is the best horror movie character of all time?
Robocop vs Terminator 2005-02-11
Battle Royale between robots - Terminator vs Robocop!
Who's your favorite Lord of the Rings actress? 2005-07-01
Who's your favorite Lord of the Rings actress?
Whats the greatest film ever made ? round 1 2011-08-06 (closed)
32 films in round 1 - top 2 in each group go through 16 films in round 2 - head to head 8 film...
Harry Potter tickle fights 2012-07-05
Harry gets in tickle fights with other characters
Best movies by their genre 2004-03-26
I've took some different categories and have put the most known movies per category. Juste click ...
Star Trek and Star Wars 2005-07-08
A poll about the two greatest sci-fi franchises ever created: Star Trek and Star Wars! Please pos...
she's the man 2006-07-10
i loved this movie so heres some questions about it
Which funny movie/character is funnier? 2006-10-13
all about movie characters and moves that are funnier
Superman's Poll 2008-08-21
Superman's Poll
Which films will have the biggest opening weekend (Friday-Sunday) in 2008?
Which Disney Princess is the best? 2009-03-28
Out of the original Six Disney Princesses: -Snow White -Cinderella -Aurora (Sleeping Beauty) ...
Scariest Horror Movie Killer? 2013-01-29
In math class, we have to make up a survey question and ask at least 50 people what their answer ...