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Fisherman vs Ghostface 2005-01-09
Who do you think is cooler stronger, has the best weapon etc.? You Decide!
Fantastic Beast Review Poll 2016-11-29
<img src=https://s13.postimg.org/nlhtxm01j/fantastic_beasts_review_21nov16.jpg/>
Disney Female Villains 2009-05-24
Who is your favorite female villain in the Disney movies ?
the hangover vs. i love you man 2009-06-17
just a straight up poll oh what you thought was the better movie.. the hangover or i love you man...
Horror Movie Polls 2002-12-16
This is a poll about different aspect of horror movies.
Who's Your Favorite? 2005-04-26
Tell who your FAVORITE movie personality is.
How Far Should Actresses Go for Role? (Graphic) 2014-01-10
In the US version of Girl with the Dragon Tattoo actress Rooney Mara chose to actually get many o...
If you were in a horror movie, would you live or die? 2004-11-13
Would you rather live or die if you were in a horror movie?
Movie Villains Showdown Round 1 2004-12-22
The first round in a series of polls, in which the voters decide the outcome of the ultimate movi...
Who should play who in the next Batman movie 2009-08-08
Title explains it all.
Freddy vs jason part 2 2004-02-18
it's definetly happening, do you think it's a good idea or not?
Movies Good or Bad 2007-06-04
What is your view of the following movies?
Pokemon Movies. 2007-12-20
An updated version of another pokemon poll. This 1 has more movies!
Dragonball Z: The Live Action Movie!!!! 2006-05-26
Now that there are rumors of an actual live action DragonBall Z Movie. What are your opinions?
Comedy Movies in the last decade!! 2010-10-17
This is a super simple and quick (like 2 minutes, seriously) survey about some comedy movies rele...
Which is your FAVORITE scary movie? 2003-07-25
scary movies
Wee Sing Polls 2005-10-07
Vote below:
100 Greatest Horror Films 2001-08-01
I want to know, you want to know, everyone wants to know the list of the 100 Greatest Horror Film...
Hermione Torture Scene in Deathly Hallows 2011-01-21
Feisty Emma Watson didn't look so tough when she ran into Helena Bonham-Carter in the last Harry ...
Ladies Only: Have You Ever Had To Cover Someone's Mouth At The Movies? 2009-07-05
Ladies, do you ever go to the movies, only to have the experience ruined by someone who insists o...
Michael Jackson\Elvis Presely? 2009-07-11
Who do you think was more popular, Michael Jackson or Elvis?
The Batman poll. 2006-05-10
Answer the questions.
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings 2017-02-05
2001: A Space Odyssey vs Lord of the Rings
The Best Movie Series of all time 2009-11-10
The Best Movie Series of all time
Lion King Movies 2008-06-16
A poll about.... *take a guess*............ You guessed it! (I hope)