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Help Make A Horror Movie 2003-09-20
I am gathering ideas to help script an idea for a horror movie that i am making as part of a coll...
Your favourite kind of movie 2001-11-03
This poll is to find out what type of movie the public likes to see the most.
The Lightsaber duels of Star Wars 2006-07-05
This poll is about the lightsaber duels of Star Wars. There are 16 of them in the films. Please a...
best horror movies of the 70's, 80's, 90's, and 2000's 2009-08-03
plz come vote in this pole! it's awesome
Pixar vs Dreamworks 2009-01-19
THE 2 powerhouses in CG Animation, but which studio creates the greater films?
The Ultimate James Bond poll 2005-01-18
Here, you will ask several question on what you like about James Bond 007
chronicles of narnia fight out 2007-01-23
who would win?
Popular Movie Series Poll(Such as LOTR,Star Wars,POTC,HP,etc 2006-08-17
I will simply ask you questions and give you choices having to do with popular movie series.
The Best Fighter of All Time 2001-12-21
Who do you think is the Best fighter of all time?? By Gaurav Khanal
Horror Character Battles 2006-08-31
All your Favorite Horror Movie Characters Are about to face off, who will win!
Hermione vs. Ginny 2012-01-12
Two characters from the Harry Potter movies/books face off in different competitions.
HOTTEST actress 2003-06-19
whos hot?
godzilla vs gamera vs king kong 2007-10-04
who will win
Charlie & the Chocolate Factory(2005) VS. Willy Wonka(1971) 2005-08-08
Which movie did you like better? The 2005 movie based on the best selling book or the original mo...
Best Rock Album of the 90's 2003-10-21
Like the title says, which one is THE definitive album of the 1990's?
What is the greatest horror film of all time? 2005-03-30
This poll is for me to find out your overall favourite horror film out of 160 films! You can pick...
Lord of The Rings Two Towers Fantasy Poll 2003-06-09
Hello and welcome to the Lord of the Rings Two Towers Fantasy Poll. This poll will aim to be a li...
Harry Potter and related... stuff 2007-08-16
It's about the Harry Potter movies and books and related things.
most violent movies 2008-10-07 (closed)
the most violent movies you've ever seen
Sex And The City Movie(Women only) 2008-06-19
Question about the movie.
Thir13en Ghosts 2006-05-31
Hello, this is a poll on thir13en ghosts, the movie, with tony shalhoub and matthew lilliard. Thi...
Worst james bond movie ever 2004-07-08
While I am currently waiting for the results of the first round of the best bond movie playoffs, ...
Greatest Vietnam War Movies 2005-06-01
What do you think were the best Vietnam War movies ever made?
Horror Haven's Horror Movie Poll 2002-01-04
I bid you welcome to the Horror Haven's ultimate horror movie poll for the true gore fiend. I hop...
Harry Potter vs Narnia 2006-06-29
Harry Potter or Narnia.