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Harry Potter Tickling part 3 2013-01-14
Draco Malfoy gets in tickle fights with other characters
best horror films of the 1990's and 2000's (so far) 2007-09-30
this will be similar to my 70's and 80's poll. when the results are tallied i'll take the winner ...
Top 3 Favorite James Bond Movies & Actors 2006-07-06
Since 1954 there have been 23 James Bond movies of one type or another. Pick your top 3 favorite...
What makes a good movie? 2001-09-30
We all like different things about movies. This poll is to find out which features most people se...
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings 2016-12-06
Game of Thrones vs Lord of the Rings
Who is the best Harry Potter character? 2010-12-01
I'll make a youtube video on the characters with the most votes.
Worst Disney Movies Ever!!! 2005-01-07
List of Disney masterpieces and some others. What are your top 3 worst movies?
Adam Sandler vs Jim Carrey vs Mike Myers 2005-12-06
Who is the funniest
Star Wars Vs. Harry Potter Vs. Lord of the Rings Vs. Twilight 2009-08-01
ignore the fact that some people use wands/lightsabers/swords/teeth...just imagine w/o weapen adv...
Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley) - Love him or Hate him? 2004-07-10
For anyone who loves Harry Potter, or Rupert Grint, or the Character Ron Weasley, this poll is fo...
the most TALENTED actors 2005-08-24
there are lots of actors but not all of them are talented. some are only famous because of their ...
Star Wars Poll 2004-09-19
Use The Force...
Shaun of The Dead and Hot Fuzz 2007-05-02
which do you think you liked most?
Best Films Of The 80's 2003-09-14
With the success of my Best Films Of The 90's poll, this is the sequel poll of the most wildest, ...
Best Disney Villains 2006-07-23
Which villain is the best?
Worst Movie Sequels 2010-05-29
Worst Movie Sequels
Crossdressing boy 2010-01-14
Crossdressing boy
Which teen startlet's movie could most use a spanking scene? 2001-07-01
Ok, this was a tough poll to setup. I debated on how to handle the question, and actually wanted ...
The Lord of the Rings Vs. The Chronicles of Narnia!!! 2006-10-17
A showdown between two of the world's most popular book series that have recently been adapted in...
best movie of 2008 2008-12-29
best movie of 2008
HSM VS CAMP ROCK 2009-02-04
this or that of camp rock and hsm
Is Sam Gamgee Gay? 2003-01-14
I think that Sam and Frodo definatly had a thing, how about you?? ( This is just an opinion-pleas...
harry potter battle 2007-02-08
Who would win?
HORROR MOVIE KILLERS!!!!! 2008-12-29
These are little polls of horror killers from the movies battling it out!
The Survey for Harry Potter Maniacs 2001-11-25
Welcome! If you're a Potter maniac, you're welcome to take this poll. If if you aren't a maniac, ...