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ultimate final destinations 2006-10-19
the ultimate deaths
Vote for the best movie president. 2008-07-19
“Because America needs more than two guys to choose from.”
The Dark Knight Trilogy 2013-03-05
A couple questions about the Dark Knight Trilogy.
James Bond 2013-08-29
a poll about the James Bond film series
What is BETTER...Star Wars or Harry Potter 2008-01-09
i really need to kno its serious so please give ur most honest opinion
The nightmare before christmas VS Corpse Bride 2006-01-25
Tim Burton's two best animation movies.
The Best Films Of The 90's 2009-08-04
The Best Films Of The 1990's.
Favorite Movie Genres for teenagers 2017-01-27
The reason why I did this poll was to find out the majority of teenagers favorite movie genres. I...
Iron Man vs Spider man 2 2008-10-01
Iron Man vs Spider man 2
Best movie franchises 2008-06-13
There is so many films in the world and everyone is a fan of something. What are you a fan of?
Harry Potter vs Twilight 2016-12-06
<img src=https://s18.postimg.org/hwz1j73yh/061711_potter_vs_vampire_folk_2600110617180856.jpg/...
Your Favorite Rocky Movie 2005-03-23
Recently I watched all the Rocky movies from the first all the way through to Rocky 5. I must sa...
Best Movies of the 90's 2008-03-30
Best Movies of the 90's
Horror Movie Trivia 2008-07-22
In this poll you will answer Trivia I have Thought of. (After you have voted whichi'll expect you...
which is the best horror movie? 2012-06-25
Ringu Jaws Poltergeist The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Carrie Les Diaboliques Rosemary’s Baby Ps...
Ultimate Movie Competition 2013-04-16
Battle for the title of best movie ever
hottest Teen Titans poll ever 2005-08-03
hello , i am Prima Lawfie. This is my Teen Titans poll. What do you think of my poll? If you have...
the great battles 2006-10-09
Who will win the following battles?
2011 MOVIES! 2010-06-16
What movie are you going to most want to go see in 2011?
Best 2012 Movies 2013-11-12
This poll is about successful 2012 movies, please choose wisely.
The Complete James Bond Poll [update 3-7-06] 2004-05-09
{The original and best! All other similar polls merely copy the exhaustive research I put into t...
order of the star wars movies 2007-11-09
what is the best order to watch the star wars movies
Who is the best Actress of alltime in Hollywood 2009-06-25
Who is the best Actress of alltime in Hollywood. I think it is Katharine Hepburn, what do you say...
Who is the most attractive Avenger? 2012-04-06
Let's find out who the most attractive member on the Avengers team is. Of course they're all attr...
Star Wars Vs Lord Of The Rings 2005-12-07
What do you think is better, the Star Wars movies Or Lord Of The Rings, take your pick.