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snuff movies 2001-04-23
what do you know about snuff movies
Hannibal 2001-04-14
What did you think about Hannibal
The Nivan Praxeum Poll 2001-03-24
Hi to all Star Wars fans! Welcome to The Nivan.net Poll.
What is the Best Jim Carrey movie? 2001-03-12
Select your favorite movie that Jim Carrey is in.
movie genres 2001-03-11
Whats your favourite movie genre?
Best Sly Film 2001-03-10
Select which Sly Film is the best of the best
Favorite Movie 2001-03-07
Whats your favorite movie
Halloween the movies 2001-03-05
This poll is to see which Halloween people enjoyed the most.
Ultimate Horror Movie Poll 2001-03-02
Love scary movies? Then you'll love this poll!
Fans of the movie "Legend" speak out! 2001-01-28
This poll/survey is for fellow fans of the 1985 movie "Legend" (starring Tom Cruise, Ti...
2o0o Movies, which r the BEST? 2001-01-13
Which movie do u think is the best!!
S.T.L.D. 2001-01-13
The Matrix 2001-01-01
Vote on my poll.
best adam sandler 2000-12-31
what movie is best
The Best/Underated Actors and Actresses !? 2000-12-29
The Best/Underated Actors and Actresses !?
Fight Club 2000-12-24
This is one of my fav films ever it is pure goodness in a box. (Remember Soap is Cool)
Gone in 60 seconds 2000-12-20
The Movie
Hot Chicks 2000-12-20
Tell me who you think, from the list below, is the hottest.
The Matrix Characters 2000-12-19
The Matrix has a variety of characters. Some people like some, while other people like totally di...
Which actor/actress is too OVERPAID? 2000-12-07
We all see the tabloids that tells us that so and so just made $20 million starring in the latest...
*Moviez* ~ 2000-11-25
Vote on ur fav movie!~ k
Drew Barrymore Poll 2000-10-17
She's been a pre-teen drug addict and a sexpot, then "America's sweetheart"...now she's...
Rocky Horror Picture Show 2000-09-26
I dont feel like writing much, so just answer the questions. Thanks...love your cows.
the ULTIMATE Star Wars Poll!!! 2000-09-09
The only poll for all my fellow hard-core star wars fans.
The Mummy 1999 2000-08-26
Let's see how much you know about The Mummy and what some of your opinions are! E-mail me for cor...