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Scary Movies! 2001-10-08
Just some questions about scary movies.
Horror movie poll 2001-10-07
This Poll is for Real horror Fans none of that teeinyboper Darsons creek chop em up Crap! This...
Halloween poll 2001-10-03
Most of us have heard the line "Whats your favorite scary movie?"Well lets find out.
What makes a good movie? 2001-09-30
We all like different things about movies. This poll is to find out which features most people se...
Oscars 2001-09-24
i would like to hear your opinion whom you would like to give an Oscar.
Fast and the Furious 2001-09-24
What did you think?
Who should score Indy IV if John Williams couldn't? 2001-09-23
Indy IV soundtrack
Most Unsettling End in Movie History 2001-09-21
Which of these movies left you feeling the most "unsettled" at the end...in other words...
Whats Your Favorite Summer Movie 2001-08-23
WE just really want to know what summer movie was the best.
Texas Chain-Saw Massacre poll 2001-08-23
My favourite horror film of all time is TCSM, i love it! so what does the rest of the world think?
Male frontal nudity on film 2001-08-16
Female frontal nudity seems to be more accepted than male frontal nudity in movies, particularly ...
Jackie Chan Vs. Jet Li 2001-08-14
ok... two of the best martial artists in the world as of now, who do you think is best?? it make...
Spanking in movies 2001-08-09
In the past stars such as Doris Day, Priscilla Lane, Maureen O'Hara and Kim Darby were spanked in...
100 Greatest Horror Films 2001-08-01
I want to know, you want to know, everyone wants to know the list of the 100 Greatest Horror Film...
Movie-ness 2001-07-26
A poll for you movie goers out there
MAKE YOUR OWN 2001-07-09
The LEAD program in business is putting together a business idea and we were hoping you could giv...
matts horror film poll 2001-07-08
whats youre favourite horror film...these a just a few ive seen from my favourite (TCSM) to worst...
Whos the Hottest Actor out Now 2001-07-02
Tell me who you think the hottest actor is right now.
Which teen startlet's movie could most use a spanking scene? 2001-07-01
Ok, this was a tough poll to setup. I debated on how to handle the question, and actually wanted ...
Movie Poll 2001-06-14
Take the Movie Poll!!
Josh Hartnett vs. Ben Affleck 2001-06-11
Considering their recent movie together (Pearl Harbor)...
Pearl Harbor 2001-06-11
Regardless of what critics have said about the movie, we want your real opinion!
Pearl Harbor the movie! 2001-05-28
Pearl Harbor was...
What Movie was funniest ? 2001-05-17
Janet Skyy's Star Wars Survey 2001-04-28
For all you Star Wars fans out there, let your voice be heard!