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Star Wars Tournament [Round 3 (Semi Finals)] 2011-05-10 (closed)
time for the Semi Finals. pick who u think would win in a 1 on 1 fight 2 the death.
Which Movies are better 2011-05-09
Which Movies are better
THE MOVIES PRESENTS: BLOCKBUSTER MOVIE AWARDS 2011 (1st Annual) 2011-05-09 (closed)
Vote for your favorite movie, actor and actresses!!!
Best Scissors in films 2011-05-09 (closed)
Best Scissors in films
2011 Comic Book Movies & Related News 2011-04-08
Just wondering what you all thought about the latest development...
Heath Ledger vs. Jake Gyllenhaal 2011-04-05
Co-starred in Brokeback Mountain and close friends. Who would you vote for..?
Ewan McGregor vs. Gerard Butler 2011-04-05
Two of the talented & hot scottish actors! Who would you vote for..?
Best Oscar Host 2011-04-05 (closed)
Saturday, April 2. David Letterman just had James Franco on "Late Night", and they spok...
The Best Death Scene 2011-04-01
Out of the options listed below, please select what you think would be the best death/torture sce...
Best Hollywood Movie Ever 2011-03-26
Vote for your favourite Hollywood movie of all time, and see if other people agree with you. Also...
How Much Do You Know About Science Fiction Movies? 2011-03-26
You can Google the answers to find out, but where is the fun in that?
Sexiest Jungle Girl 2011-03-26
Sexiest Jungle Girl
Tobuscus Literal Trailers 2011-03-16
Which literal trailer do you prefer?
Which is film series is better The Carnosaur Films Or The Jurassic Park Films 2011-03-08 (closed)
Which film was better in their retrospective way wich had better story, actors, plot, theme, anim...
Who will win at the 2010 Academy Awards? 2011-02-10
Who will win at the 2010 Academy Awards?
Who should get the Oscar for Best Editing 2011-02-05 (closed)
A poll to see who should get the Oscar for Editing in the upcoming 2011 Oscars
Mock Oscar Poll 2011-02-01 (closed)
We're voting Academy-style to see how the nominees would've ended up for 2010 had we been the vot...
Oscars 2010 2011-01-28
Oscars 2010
2011 Golden Raspberry Awards 2011-01-25 (closed)
The Razzie nominees have been announced and I would like to hear what you the people think will w...
Females beating males in movies 2011-01-25
Females beating males in movies
Best Movies of 2010 2011-01-25
Best Movies of 2010
Hermione Torture Scene in Deathly Hallows 2011-01-21
Feisty Emma Watson didn't look so tough when she ran into Helena Bonham-Carter in the last Harry ...
2011 Cinema Hall of Shame Class 2011-01-15 (closed)
This year, I will be opening a Cinema Hall of Shame for the bad films that made critics and audie...
Movies :which is better 2011-01-13 (closed)
In your opinion what movies do you like better, this poll is in the interest of a major movie cor...
Favorite Disney Character 2011-01-07 (closed)
Favorite Disney Character