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Rate AWTR Movie 2002-01-31
For those of you who have seen the "A Walk To Remember" movie, rate the movie with the ...
What did you think of Mulholland Drive? 2002-01-28
Thoughts on Mulholland Drive
Are musicals dead? 2002-01-25
This poll is to decide weather musicls are making a comeback.
Everything Harry Potter 2002-01-22
Hi! Thanks for voting in this poll!
Fav. actress/actor?.... 2002-01-21
Out of all these lovely men and woman, who would you just love to be caught dead with?....
Fav. upcoming horror movie? 2002-01-21
Which of these horror movie are you looking foward too?....
What is your favorite Starwars movie 2002-01-21
What is your favorite Star Wars movie to date? Or do you even care about Star Wars
Lord of the rings 2002-01-21
just a poll on stuff from the epic motion picture
Scream Characters 2002-01-15
A poll about your favourite characters from the movie Scream.
What is the Worst Scary Movie 2002-01-14
What do you all think is the worst scary movie of all time??
What is your favorite scary movie? 2002-01-14
What is your favorite scary movie of all time?
Vote!!! 2002-01-14
Below are names of characters in The Lord of The Rings story.
battle of horror 2002-01-14
just a poll, that is a little more interesting
Most annoying Comedian 2002-01-14
Which Comedian Really annoys you
Lord of the Rings Poll 2002-01-14
Vote please :)
Horror Haven's Horror Movie Poll 2002-01-04
I bid you welcome to the Horror Haven's ultimate horror movie poll for the true gore fiend. I hop...
Wayne's World Vs. Bill & Ted 2001-12-31
whose the better duo?
Hogwarts 2001-12-31
This is a pool of you favorite charecter of harry potter!
100% Josh Hartnett 2001-12-31
Everyone knows the hottest guy in Hollywood is Josh Hartnett..... so why have a poll about that? ...
who would win? 2001-12-31
who would win in a real fight jackie chan or steven seagal
Best Western 2001-12-31
best westerns
Hottest Female Celeb 2001-12-31
The Hottest Female Celeb of all
Who is the Best Action Star in Cinema 2001-12-31
Who is the best action star doing movies today
The Scariest BoogeyMen 2001-12-31
Who are the scariest BoogeyMen of all time
If u could spank one of these female celeb's, which one? 2001-12-31
If u could spank one of these female celeb's, which one would you spank?