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Does Episode one look cool? 2002-04-09
this poll is about star wars episode 2
Episode2!! What do you think? 2002-04-09
Episode2, some say its going to be better then the first some say its going to suck. Voice your t...
New Movies 2002-04-09
What big realease will you have to see this year?
John Carpenter Movies 2002-04-01
I have always loved John Carpenter's movies, (Especially The Fog, & Halloween) & I was wo...
The 2002 Oscars--What did you think? 2002-04-01
I know that sometimes the Academy's opinion differs from the moviegoers. If you chose the Oscar w...
Lord of the Rings 2002-04-01
A poll dedicated to Lord of the Rings
star wars poll 2002-03-27
poll about star wars
Who's The Best Actor Of All Time??? 2002-03-27
Who do you think is the BEST actor???
Red Carpet 2002-03-27
At the Oscars there are always outfits that are beautiful and outfits that should be banned!
Best Movie 2002-03-22
What do you think is the BEST movie of ALL TIME???
#1 in tha box office! 2002-03-21
Out of the movies that have recenctly come out in movie theatres, and that you have seen, which w...
Resident Evil The Movie 2002-03-21
How did you rate this movie?
fave type of movie 2002-03-19
this is a poll about types of movies
Which of the 7 dwarfs is your favorite? 2002-03-15
Choose your favorite dwarf from "Snow White and the 7 dwarfs."
The BIG Lord of the Rings question 2002-03-14
Ok girls (and some guys) this is a very controversial subject between you lot!
Racial Issues and Film 2002-03-14
How fairly are issues of racism dealt with by Hollywood?
Stephen King MOVIES 2002-03-11
This poll is a) a poll on your favorite Stephen King Movies and b)Who your favorite actors are i...
Favorite Oz character 2002-03-11
Please vote for your favorite character in "The Wizard of Oz"
Super Movie You Are Looking Forward To The MOST 2002-03-11
The latest, AND GREATEST, Hollywood trend is producing movies inspired by Comic Books. All of th...
Favorite Indiana Jones Movie 2002-03-11
Please choose your favorite Indiana Jones movie.
Movie Theater Opinion Poll 2002-03-11
This poll contains questions about about movie theaters.
Favorite Movies! 2002-03-08
These movies range from all different kinds, let me know which one YOU like the best!
Who plays better as Wong Fei Hong? 2002-03-04
Kevin Smith Fans! 2002-03-04
This is a poll for Kevin Smith fans... It just has some questions about your favorite movies, cha...
Who is the Best Character from Lotr 2002-03-04
Most of us have seen the films and read the books, but Who is the best character