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FAV under-rated Fright Flix 2002-05-13
These horror films can be cheesy low budget and creepy but they need to be seen, because they are...
What's Your Ideal Movie? 2002-05-13
What's Your Ideal Movie?The one which contains action, magic, andventure,or what? Please,let me k...
Superhero Actors & Captain Action! 2002-05-12
Who were your favorite superhero characters, actors, etc.? and what were your favorite Captain Ac...
Favorite Character 2002-05-10
5 characters in the Spider-Man movie.
Rate the Spider-Man Movie 2002-05-10
Rate the movie!
80's SuperHero Movies 2002-05-06
These are questions about selecting the Best Super Hero movies made in the 1980's.
The All New Ultimate Planet of the Apes Poll 2002-05-06
Not for the occasional POTA fan. This one's for the obsessed.
The best movie poll EVER ))) 2002-05-02
you gotta watch 'em all, but if you do you'll probably gonna die, so lets just see what the best ...
Wacky Actors 2002-05-02
All-time greatest zany character actors.
Attack Of The Clones!!!! 2002-05-02
All my polls are about Star Wars..no big change here
European Horror Movies 2 2002-04-30
These are some questions about European Horror Movies, known for their weird imagery and erotic ...
What is your favorite movie ? 2002-04-29
Asking you are one of these your favorite movie or other.
Favorite Movie 2002-04-29
Vote for your Favorite Movie
What is your favorite Movie of all time?! 2002-04-25
Vote now on your favorite Movies Now! From Newest ones to oldest ones!
Were the Oscars fair? 2002-04-25
I'm a major Lord of the rings FAN! I think they got cheated on Oscar night!
Josh Hartnett's all...oops, poll 2002-04-22
Well, it's all in the title. ALL :))))
Yes, ANOTHER Lord of the Rings poll!!(YAAAAY) 2002-04-22
These are some brief questions about LOTR, what you likeddisliked(if any) you'r fav. characters e...
Film Fun 2002-04-22
How emotional do you get while watching a film.
Stephen Fung Movies 2002-04-15
If you are a Stephen Fung fan, or have just seen some of his movies, I would like to hear your op...
Movie Based On September 11? 2002-04-15
Events of great historical significance had always been made into movies. Just look at "Pear...
Movies 2002-04-09
What kind of movies do you like?
The Lord of the Rings poll 2002-04-09
OK, so this is a poll ont the lord of the Rings movie...
Tim Burton Films 2002-04-09
This poll is dedicated to Tim Burton, one of the most artistic film directors of the USA.
Best Bad Guys 2002-04-09
Ranking the best villains in film, and the actors who portray them.
Harry Potter Questions 2002-04-09