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which movie is better 2002-07-06
fast in the furious or shallow hal
Horror film poll 2002-07-06
A poll of the best horror films of all time and the best posters and threads.
what was the best movie for 2000-2002 2002-07-04
this poll is to determine once and for all what the best movies of 2000 2001 2002 were.
Greatest Movies 2002-07-04
You pick your favorite movies off of these lists.
Hottest Actors 2002-07-04
Who would you like to share a scene with?
Horror Movies 2002-07-03
This poll is being conducted to see how many people watch horror movies, and what your favorite h...
Movies Based On Comic Books 2002-07-01
A whole mess of movies have been made about and based on comic book characters. What are the bes...
Action movies 2002-06-25
What is the best action movie of all time?
Which Josh Movie Is Better? 2002-06-18
This is to see which Josh Hartnett movie is better.
Haldir vs. Legolas 2002-06-10
I've been having this little debate ever since I saw The Lord of The Rings. Is Haldir or Legolas ...
The Best Woody Allen Film 2002-06-10
Which one of these Woody Allen movies is your favorite?
"Spider-Man 2" Movie Villains 2002-06-10
Rumors have been circulating about the sequel to this May's Spidey movie.
Cult Movies 2002-06-10
Cult Movies are an American Tradition. We watch them over and over, and still love them to death.
MoNsTeRs!!!!!!!!!!!! 2002-06-06
Muwahahahahahaaaaaaaa!!!!! *lightning* *thunder crash*
lifes most important questions (emo) 2002-06-06
Getupkids quiz
Best Man-eating Beast-film. 2002-05-28
We all find pleasure in seing people getting killed by monstrous animals on the screen. But which...
Hottest Teen Movie Stars! 2002-05-28
A poll about teen movie stars!
Hall8ween: The Resurrection VS. Jason X 2002-05-28
Do you think the 8th Halloween film will be better then Jason X????
Kevin's Post Attack of the Clones Star Wars Poll 2002-05-23
The Star Wars universe
The Star Wars Poll 2002-05-23
OK, so go on this new star wars poll!
Italian Exploitation Screen Sirens 2002-05-23
The Italian cinema is known for its bevy of voluptuous bombshells , here are some RedHot mamas.
Rate Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones 2002-05-23
This poll is about Star Wars Episode II: Attack of the Clones...
The Best In "Star Wars" 2002-05-23
Pick which is either the best or your favorite in each of the categories.
Oscar vs. Blockbuster 2002-05-16
Which movie do you think is better – the Oscar winner or the highest grossing movie of the year?...
Battle of the Star Wars 2002-05-16
This poll is designed to see which of the five Star Wars movies viewers like the best.