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Make your Movie 2002-08-22
Try out the movie maker...
Disney is the coolest 2002-08-12
All your favorite Disney movies, and charactors
Female vs Male nudity in movies 2002-08-12
Granted they show a lot of T&A for women but this is about things below the waist and locker ...
Phavorite Phantoms 2002-08-12
An ultimate "What is your favorite/least favorite" poll for the Phantom of the Opera mo...
These Star Wars questions, are made for you. The only thing you have to do is give out opinions a...
Whats your favorite Monroe movie? 2002-08-06
Oh some would say they're all good, but there's sure to be a fan favorite among them.
Who would win? 2002-08-06
Who could beat Michael Myers?
Horror Poll 2002-07-31
This is a poll about the scariest people ever to appear on film. What is your thought on this sub...
The Matrix 2002-07-21
questions about the greatest film of all time
Movie Poll Truth behind Cinema Episode 3 :The sequel 2002-07-20
What would you do for a Klondike bar?
Movie:Truth behind Cinema Episode 2 2002-07-19
Here we go agian.Just when you think you are out,I pull you back in!
Kurosawa's Best 2002-07-18
What, in your opinion, is Kurosawa's best of the following criteria in his fims? Which one repre...
Halloween 24 years later... 2002-07-16
A poll on some of the best horror movies of all time
Movie Rentals 2002-07-15
Just to get a feel of the public feeling towards the video rental market.
MY POLL 2002-07-15
Vote for your favorite movie and least favorite movie from each director- I'll add on more soon!
Fixing the 90's Oscars. 2002-07-15
They constantly get it wrong.So lets go back in time and fix the last ten odd years.
Baddest Horror Poll! 2002-07-15
basicly, say which is your favourite horror movie. it couldn't be simpler
Movies.The truth behind cinema. 2002-07-14
Just want to get differnt views on this.
Halloween movies 2002-07-14
What do you think of the Haloween movies? Post your opinion of them in the talk about it section.
Love Of Horror 2002-07-10
Most people love being frightend by horror films or novels, but horror is such a broad subject wi...
Freddy Krueger: A Nightmare on Elm Street 2002-07-10
Tell me what you think of Freddy Krueger, the star of the Nightmare on Elm Street series.
DownLoad v.s. Theater 2002-07-07
This is a poll to prove my friend wrong. lol. good reason huh.
IMDB Action Poll 2002-07-07
Best Action Hero or Villian?
Actors and Actresses IMDB poll 2002-07-07
A poll about actors and actresses and IMDB board of the same name.
Movie 2002-07-07
This a poll to find out what is the most like type of movies.