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Moulin Rouge! vs. Titanic 2002-10-28
Which is the best tragic love story?
Casting Call For Drizzt Do'Urden Movie 2002-10-23
This poll wants the fans of Mr. R.A. Salvatore's Dark Elf storyline to vote for their favorite ac...
What Makes A Movie "Good" To You? 2002-10-17
This is a survey conducted by a fellow film lover and aspiring director and screenplay writer. Pl...
Scariest Movie Ever!!!!!!!!!! 2002-10-17
this pole is about what u think is the scariest movie ever!
THE ULTIMATE "IT" POLL!!!! 2002-10-17
This poll is about it!!! E-mail me w/ any ideas for more questions: squirmin_sherman17@hotmail.co...
Best Horror of each ERA 2002-10-13
Whats the Best Horror movie that came out of each decade *New entries were added after approxi...
STAR WARS vs star trek 2002-10-09
Well, I've seen many tragic 'Trekkie' polls, but THIS one is fair, just, and TOTALLY un-biased!
boba fett vs legolas 2002-10-09
Lord of the rings vs Star wars. Fans from both sides, get ready. The last and final battle betwee...
Most Touching Movies 2002-10-09
Which of the following movies left you with a cozy, inspired feeling at its end? Sure, this poll ...
Upcoming Movies 2002-10-03
What movie are you looking forward to when it’s made into a sequel or should be made into a sequel?
Quotes from the Lord of the Rings 2002-10-01
Yes yes, I know. There already is a LOTR quotes poll. However, I didn't like it much so I decided...
YES!!! Another Lord of the Rings poll to get you thinking! 2002-09-25
Yes, yes, I know. How many LOTR polls can you have? Well, just bear with me and fill it out, k?!!
Hottest guy from the Lord of the Rings 2002-09-25
Hey all you LOTR fans! Vote here on who you think os the hottest, funniest and generally best cha...
"Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" 2002-09-17
As I'm sure you all know, the movie "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets" will be p...
Best decade of horror 2002-09-13
Wich decade released the best horror movies
Top 3 scariest horror movies that hold up today 2002-09-13
For real horror fans Top 3 scariest horror movies that scare you even as an Adult (please check ...
Austin Powers & Co - Your Views 2002-09-12
Choose from your all-time favourite Austin Powers ... things.
The Film Compliations 2002-09-10
The best Fantasy scenes, the Best horror movie scenes, and the best romantic scenes. You vote on...
The funniest quotes from the movies 2002-09-10
Select the quotes you find the funniest from a number of different movies from different genres.
Movie Poll 2002-09-04
It's about movies stupid.
lord of the rings: the fellowship of the ring 2002-08-30
Austin Powers Poll 2002-08-26
Simply select your favorite film of this franchise.
Favorite Movie Of 1998-2002 2002-08-26
Fear Dot Com - How familiar are you? 2002-08-22
Have you heard of the movie?
Make your Movie 2002-08-22
Try out the movie maker...