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harry potter 3 poll 2002-12-03
choose who u think should play lupin in the next harry potter movie.
*Harry Potter* 2002-12-03
Yo!This is for Harry Potter fans!!!
Billy Elliot 2002-12-03
All of you have seen the movie Billy Elliot, i assume. Well here is the question...
Harry Potter 2002-12-03
Harry Potter Professors
Spacefem's Star Trek TNG Poll 2002-12-03
In honor of Nemesis coming out this month, take my happy wonderful TNG poll! Yay!
Movie Heros 2002-12-03
The people in Hollywood go to great lengths to portray anyone but a white male as the hero.
Horror oscars 2002-12-03
As Bigpappal's poll was crap in my opinion, here's my poll.
25 Great Films-And Then Some (Final) 2002-12-01
So this is it everything has come to this in order to find the world's greatest film. The only qu...
Harry Potter Characters 2002-11-27
Who's the hottest character in Chamber of Secrets? Listed in order of preference, of course.
2002 IMDB Horror Oscars 2002-11-25
The very best of horror / thrillers from the year 2002! Film must have been released in the USA i...
THE *EMINEM* POLL!!! 2002-11-22
This poll is for all the *EMINEM* lovers!(or haters :(!)
Bond, James Bond 2002-11-22
Favorite Bond movies, villians, actors and more!
The Lord of the Rings. Two Towers 2002-11-22
A poll about the Two Towers movie and book.
How would you grade Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets? 2002-11-22
How would you grade the movie Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets?
Favorite character in Willy Wonka? 2002-11-22
Agustus...he's gonna fall in.
What makes a good movie? (i know, again) 2002-11-15
This is more or less for an assignment, no personal info will be used, just a general idea what y...
What's Your Favorite JAMES BOND Theme Song? 2002-11-15
The title says it all..all you gotta do is vote..personally, I'm voting for DIAMONDS ARE FOREVER ...
The Ring 2002-11-15
How Scarey was this movie
Who's your favorite Action Hero? 2002-11-15
Choose your favorite action star from past and present!
Funny BOND GIRL names!!!!! 2002-11-15
It's no secret that Bond's girls have... unusual names. Wich is your favorite???
Favorite Scary Movie 2002-11-11
Whyat is your favorite scary move?
Thir13een Ghosts Poll 2002-11-06
This is a 13 ghosts poll
So, What's Up With "Romantic" Movies These Days...? 2002-11-06
I noticed something interesting in another one of my polls, "What Makes A Movie 'Good' To Yo...
Miscellaneous Movie Mania Part I 2002-10-28
Do you love movies? I sure do. Now we get to puzzle out best movies, best actors, and everything ...
Most Annoying Character in the Harry Potter Series 2002-10-28
You know who I'm talking about. They annoy you. You wouldn't mind if Voldy "avada-kedavara'd...