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What movies do you want to see lowered on the to 250 movies of all time??????
Lord of the Rings 2003-01-03
This poll is about Lord of the Rings
Harry Potter Vs Lord of the Rings 2003-01-02
i wonder how this poll will turn out...
Austin Powers: Yeah, baby! 2003-01-02
Polls about the grooviest superspy ever!
Harry Potter Characters 2003-01-02
Which HP character would YOU want to be?
Who is your favorite Star Wars character? 2003-01-02
Who is your favorite Star Wars character?(Sorry if some of these are misspelled!)
You're not in love! You're in love in a movie! 2003-01-02
Hi! Have you been watching too much romantic films? Hmmm what do you know, maybe you have... answ...
The 2002 Movie Poll 2002-12-24
Pick your favorites of 2002.
The Movie Poll 2002-12-20
Below is a simple quiz for fans of film. I will be working on it, so some of the questions up rig...
Horror Movie Polls 2002-12-16
This is a poll about different aspect of horror movies.
Favorite Movie 2002-12-16
Which is your favorite movie?
IMDB: 2002 Horror Razzies! 2002-12-16
The absolute worst in horror films in the year 2002!
MovieCritic 2003's Poll 2002-12-16
Favourite Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie. 2002-12-16
Vote here for your favourite Pierce Brosnan James Bond movie.
Favourite Roger Moore James Bond Movie. 2002-12-16
Vote here for your favourite Roger Moore James Bond movie.
Favourite Sean Connery James Bond Movie 2002-12-16
Vote for your favourite Sean Connery James Bond movie here.
Favourite James Bond Movie 2002-12-16
Vote Here for your favourite James Bond film!
Star Trek Movies 2002-12-16
Just what it says, which Star Trek Movie do you like best.
Favourite Timothy Dalton James Bond movie. 2002-12-16
Vote here for your Favourite James Bond movie starring Timothy Dalton.
Why do you go to the movies!? 2002-12-16
This is a poll to see what attracts certain people to certain movies. It is an evaluation of why ...
The Movies 2002-12-13
The point of this poll is to find out who American's think is the best director.
Horror Movie Awards 2002-12-12
Pick which movie you think was the best this year!
Who's your favourite HP actor/actress 2002-12-12
Sooo... who's the sexiest Harry Potter actor/actress?
Crazy Movies! 2002-12-12
Hi, this poll is for a journalistic study on the public views on films based around psychotics an...
James Bond - Die Another Day 2002-12-03
What did you think of Die Another Day? Does it bear any resemblance to Ian Fleming's novels? And ...